Department Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Research Centre details

The Research Center at Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. The Centre focuses on domains such as Power system stability studies, Voltage Stability, computer and Real time applications to Power Systems, Reactive Power coordination and Dispatch, Smart Grid Technologies, Power Quality issues, Renewable Energy etc,AI Application to Power Systems and Control System, Integration of Renewable Energy Source & Distributed Generation into Power System, Cost effective, energy efficient High Voltage Low Current Power Supply System, AI Applications to Power Electronics, Fault Detection in Induction Motors. The Research  Centre consist of updated Equipments/Software’s like Lab view, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Mi Power Software, Single phase Power Meter WT310 , Voltage measurement card , Digital Signal Processing Kit , P spice Software(1User) etc .The Research facilities help students and faculty to involve in Research and pursue PhD and M.Sc Engineering programs.


Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title Name of the Journal/Volume/ Issue/DOI National/International Year
1 Dr. H.L.Suresh “Design and Simulation of MEMS Based Capacitive Accelerometer” 2nd International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks,. Ubiquitous Computing, and Applications 2021 (ICWSNUCA-2021)” International Conference 2021
2 Dr. H.L.Suresh Titled “Design, Modelling, and Simulation analysis of a Single Axis MEMS-based Capacitive Accelerometer International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, Volume 69 Issue 10, 82-88, October, 2021, ISSN: 2231 – 5381 /doi:10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V69I10P211 International Conference 2021
Sl.No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Year of registration Title of Research work Status(Thesis Submitted/Viva voce /Course Work Completed)
1 Dr. M.S Indira N Balaji


2003 Development of a Novel Gate Drive with Active Protection for IGBT & Estimation of the Optimal Thermal Limits of a PSSD in Power Supplies. Degree Awarded

May 20,2014

2 Dr. M.S Indira M.S.Suresh 2003 Planning & Dispatch of Reactive Power for Enhancement of Voltage Stability using Fuzzy Approach Degree Awarded

19 March,2019

3 Dr. M.S Indira D.Beula


2010 Cost Effective Energy Efficient High Voltage Low Current Power Supply System Comprehensive Viva-Voce  completed
5 Dr. H L Suresh G Roopa


2018 An Adoptive Fault-Tolerant & control Strategy Techniques for the Power Electronics Traction Transformer Course Work Completed
6 Dr. H L Suresh TARA B B


2018 Studies on Solar Energy Conversion System(SECS) using MPPT techniques with Reduction in Power Quality Problems in Grid Connected PV System Course Work Completed
7 Dr. Mahesh S Inbasakaran


2017 Analysis and Design of Interleaved DC-Dc converters & Controllers for Efficient operations of WEG’s Comprehensive Viva-Voce  completed
8 Dr. R Subha


Sl.NO Name of the Research Supervisor VTU Research ID Area of Specialization of the Research Guide Number of Research Scholars Details of Ph.D Guidance to other  Universities Research Scholars.
1 Dr. H L Suresh VTU08172472 Power System, Renewable Energy 4 Nil
2 Dr. Mahesh K VTU08171089 Renewable Energy Sources 1 Nil
3 Dr. Subha R VTU01208738 Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Deep Learning. Nil Nil


Sl No Names of the Principal Investigator and CO-Principal Investigators Project Title Funding Agency Duration in Years Total Amount Sanctioned Year of Sanction
List of Ongoing Research Projects sanctioned in the Year 2020 – 2021
1 Dr Nayana B R Project Proposal on “A Low Cost Robust Electro-Mechanical Dry and Wet Cleaning Robot” KSCST 1Year 8000/- 2021
2 Dr Mahesh K Project Proposal on Energy Conservation  & Energy Efficiency on IoT KREDL 1Year
List of Completed  Research Projects/ Program sanctioned in the Year 2019-2020
1 Dr Mahesh K National Energy Conservation Week KREDL 1Week
2 Dr H L Suresh
FDP On Renewable Energy Forecasting India Scenario & Future Prospects
AICTE 15 Days
3 Dr Mahesh K
Designing of E kart for National E – Kart championship ( NEKC)
Sri Krishnadevaraya Educational Trust, BANGALORE



6 Months
1,00,000 /-


Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title Name of the Journal/Volume/ Issue/DOI National/International Year
1 Mrs. Reshma P & Mrs Ancha Chhabral PAPER PUBLICATION  on “An overview on single/multi output isolated resonant Converter Topologies for vehicular application 2021 7th International Conference on advanced computing and communication system , Publisher : IEEE International 2021
2 Dr H L Suresh ,Dr. C V Mohan & Nithin Kumar Reddy  PAPER PUBLICATION on “Wind Turbine Power Calculations Using MATLAB-SIMULINK” International Journal of Advanced Research inScience ,Communication and Technology(IJARSCT),VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, JUNE 2021, PP 54-61 ,Link: ISSN (Online) 2581-9429 International 2021
3 Dr Sivapriyan, R. PAPER PUBLICATION on  (2021) Soft Switched Bi-directional Power Converter for Photo Voltaic System. In: I3CAC 2021, 7-8 June 2021, Bharath University, Chennai, India. International 2021
4 Mrs. Bindiya Tyagi, Abhav S Velidi, Yogesh Raju N R PAPER PUBLICATION on: “Design Of A Prototype Wireless Power Transmission System For A 50W Load”,. International Journal Of Creative Research Thoughts, ISSN:2320-2882, Volume 9, Issue6, june 2021. Pg no: b232-b241 International 2021
5 Dr C V Mohan,, Deepthi R, Akshay H, Vineeth G D, Srikanth S SIMULATION MODEL OF ELECTRIC VEHICLE TO GRID TECHNOLOGY FOR BALANCING LOADS AND FREQUENCY REGULATIONS” International Journal of Engineering Applied Sciences and Technology 2020. Vol. 5, Issue 4, ISSN No. 2455-2143, Pages 203-208 International 2020
6 Dr Sivapriyan, R., Ajay, K.V. And Koorse, N.A Arduino-Nano Based Low Cost Power Converter Learning Kit.  In 2020 Fourth International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC)pp. 133-137. IEEE. .  (Scopus Indexed) International 2020
7 Dr Sivapriyan, R., Rao, K.M. And Harijyothi, M Literature Review of IoT based Home Automation System. In 2020 Fourth International Conference on Inventive Systems and Control (ICISC)pp. 101-105. IEEE. .  (Scopus Indexed) International 2020
8 Dr Sivapriyan, R., Elangovan, D., Kiran, B.S. And Madan, R., Recent Research Trends in Solar Photovoltaic Systems. In 2020 5th International Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICDCS)pp. 215-220. IEEE.  (Scopus Indexed International 2020
9 Dr Sivapriyan, R., Elangovan, D. And Lekhana, K.S Python for Solar Photovoltaic Systems. In Evolutionary Computing and Mobile Sustainable Networks pp. 103-112. Springer, Singapore.  (Scopus Indexed) International 2020
10 Dr H L Suresh, Ananda S , Sujatha S, “Power-Quality Challenges and Measures in Interconnected-RESs: A Survey” International conference on Smart Energy & Communication ICSEC-2020,at Poornima Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur, India.20-21,March 2020 International 2020
11 Dr Suresh H L, & Tara B B “Comparative Analysis of MPPT Techniques in Grid Connected and Standalone PV System, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMERGING TRENDS IN ENGINEERING (ICETE-2020),22nd -23rd December 2020, NMAM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Nitte, Karnataka -(published with Springer-AISC Series.) International 2020
12 Dr Suresh H L Power-Quality Challenges and Measures in Interconnected-RESs: A Survey”, JuniKhyat (UGC Care Group I Listed Journal), ISSN: 2278-4632 Vol-10 Issue-5 No. 9 May 2020,pp29-44 International 2020
13 Dr Nayana, Dr P Geethanjali Study of Effective Feature Combination for Fault Diagnosis of Bearings in Motors In 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems(ICISS-2020) pp 1001-1006. IEEE  (SCOPUS) International 2020
14 Dr Mahesh K, S. Inbasakaran, J. Lithesh And S. Praveen       “AUTOMATION OF GAS TUNNEL KILN USING RELAY LOGICS AND VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES”  ‘Asian Journal of Current Research,(AJOCR)’, ( , ISSN No. : ISSN: 2456-804X, is a blind peer reviewed, referred international journal and the published paper is indexed in ISI Thomson Reuters (PCBMB) on volume 5, Issue 1,Page 17-24, 31st July2020 International 2020
15 Dr Mahesh K., Abhijith V. Narayan, BiswadeepMoitra and AshishYadav,  “RECYCLING OF BALLASTIC CIRCUIT TO FORM A NIGHT LAMP” Published paper in an ‘International Journal of Advance Research (IJAR)’, ISSN: 2320-5407, the Journal has been indexed byThomson Reuters, BING , DRJI, IISC, ISI, NISCAIR and  indexing  by Google Scholar, Article DOI: 21474/IJAR01/11499, DOI URL: research on IJISET, Vol. VIII, Issue 08, Page 349-354,AUG 2020. International 2020
16 Dr Mahesh. K, S. Inbasakaran, Lithesh. J “Design of Single Inductor and Two Output DC – DC Converter”  Published paper in an ‘ International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology’, Print ISSN: 2395-1990 | Online ISSN : 2394-4099, the Journal has been indexed by UGC Approved, Jour Informatics, Index Copernicus, DOAJ and  indexing  by  others  namely J-Stage,  Pro-Quest,  Google Scholar,doi :, on IJSRSET, Vol. VII, Issue 6, Page 54-59, NOV-DEC 2020 International 2020
17 Dr Sivapriyan, Rajendran, And Devaraj Elangovan. “Impedance-Source DC-to-AC/DC Converter.” Electronics 8, no. 4 (2019): 438.  (SCI-E – SCOPUS) International 2020
18 Dr H L Suresh , Sharanappa M , Ch Venkat Ramesh &Sudeep Shetty  SOC in Micro Grids, “Performance of Wind Energy Conversion System during Fault Condition & Power Quality Improvement of Grid-Connected WECS by Facts (UPFC)”Fifth International Conference on “Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications” (ERCICA-18), 27-28 July, ERCICA 2018, Volume 22018 at NitteMeenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT), Yelahanka,  Bangalore, India,P72. (published with Springer-AISC Series.).,ERCICA 2018, Volume 2, 2018,pp 211-225. eBook ISBN 978-981-13-6001-5,DOI 1007/978-981-13-6001-5,Softcover ISBN 978-981-13-6000-8,First Online: 11 September 2019 International 2019
19 Dr H L.Suresh  Design and Simulation of Mems based piezoelectric acoustic sensor “ 2019 IEEE 4th International Conference on Condition Assessment Techniques in Electrical Systems (CATCON) , 21-23 Nov. 2019 at IITM. Date Added to IEEE Xplore27 April 2020 DOI: 10.1109/CATCON47128.2019.CN0061Electronic ISBN: 978-1-7281-4331-6 USB ISBN: 978-1-7281-4330-9 ,Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-7281-4332-3 International 2019
20 Dr Mahesh K “Development Of Matlab Software For Various Testing Parameters’ Calculation Of Static And Rotating Machines” Published paper in an ‘Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research,(AJMC)’, ( , ISSN No. : 2395-4205 (Print), 2395-4213 (Online), is a blind peer reviewed, referred international journal and the published paper is indexed in ISI Thomson Reuters (PCBMB) on volume 26, Issue 4, page 206-215,  15th Nov 2019. International 2019
21 Dr  Mahesh K “Design and Development of AC Windings Calculation using MATLAB Software” Published paper in an ‘International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology (IJISET) ’, ISSN: 2348 – 7968, the Journal has been indexed by UGC Approved Journal Sl no. 4798 & 48282, Thomson Reuters, BING ,  DRJI, IISC, ISI, NISCAIR and  indexing  by Google Scholar, Impact factor 6.248 on IJISET, Vol. VI, Issue 10, Page 326-334,OCT 2019. International 2019
22 Dr H L Suresh, Ch Venkata Ramesh, Adarsh T V, Sharanappa M “Optimal Design of Hybrid Microgrid for Off Grid Villages”, International Journal on Future Revolution in Computer Science & Communication Engineering (IJFRSCE), March 18, Volume 4, Issue 3, 2018 , PP: 201 – 209, IJFRCSCE | March 2018, Available @,Impact Factor: 6.035,ISSN: 2454-4248 International 2018
23 Dr H L Suresh , Sharanappa M , Ch Venkat Ramesh   Performance of Wind Energy Conversion System during Symmetrical fault & Power Quality Improvement of Grid-Connected WECS by UPFC 2018 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT),SDM ,Ujjare, Mangalore, 27-28 Oct. 2018, INSPEC Accession Number: 19514765  Date Added to IEEE Xplore09 April 2020, DOI: 1109/I2CT42659.2018.9058230,Electronic ISBN: 978-1-5386-5232-9,Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-5386-5233-6,Publisher: IEEE International 2018
24 Dr H L Suresh &Adarsh T V , PLC based Load Shedding Mechanism using Battery IEEE International Conference on Power, Control, Signals and Instrumentation Engineering (ICPCSI-2017) 21st& 22nd 2017,Saveetha Engineering College, Saveetha Nagar, Thandalam,Chennai-602 105, Tamil Nadu, India-DOI: 10.1109/ICPCSI.2017.8391930,INSPEC Accession Number: 17861069,Date Added to IEEE Xplore International 2018
25 Dr Suresh H L, Narendra Chaulagain, , Darshan H S, Yashaswi K C ” Modeling & Simulation of Transient Response of a Armature-Controlled Direct Current Motor Using MATLAB/SIMULINK “Accepted for publication in Asian Journal of Convergence in Technology (AJCT),ISSN NO.2350-1146, Vol 4,Issue 2,2018.PUBLISHED: 2018-11-05,Publication link : Impact Factor: 5.11 International 2018
26 Dr Sivapriyan, R., S. Umashankar, P. Sanjeevikumar, And Atif Iqbal. “Direct-Coupled Permanent Magnet DC Motor-Driven Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System—A Literature Review.” In Advances in Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, pp. 307-314. Springer, Singapore, 2018.  (SCOPUS) International 2018
27 Umahsnakar, S., G. Arunkumar, And Dr R. Sivapriyan “Comparative analysis of solar photovoltaic cell models.” In 2017 International Conference On Smart Technologies For Smart Nation (SmartTechCon), pp. 46-51. IEEE, 2017.  (SCOPUS) International 2017
28 Dr C V Mohan  “Distribution Reliability indices calculation and utilize Neural network model for radial system” International Conference on Smart Technologies for Smart Nations, Smart TechCon2017 held at Reva University, Bangalore on 17-19, August 2017.—(IEEE) International 2017
29 Dr Sivapriyan, R., And S. Umashankar “Comparative Analysis of PWM Controlling Techniques of Single Phase Z-Source Inverter ” Indian Journal of Science and Technology 9 (2016): 26.  (SCOPUS) International 2016

List of Patent by Faculties and Students

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Title Year of Publcation/Applied Agency
1 Dr Mahesh.K, Smart Referee Notification System/Smart Fla 07/12/2020

CBR No: 41209 and Application No :202041053144

Indian Patent
2 Mrs D Beula, Smart System for Medical Waste Disposal 29/01/2021

Application Number: 202141003188

Indian Patent
3 Ms Jyothi P A Hybrid SMA&PO Technique for MPPT Controller to track the Maximum power from PV Modules  15/08/2021

“ Application no 202041033570”

Prashant Kumar Sawant

( Patent Agent)

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