Alumni Lifelong Learning Committee  (ALLC)

The Alumni Lifelong Learning Committee (ALLC) serves as an interface between the faculty and Alumni Association of Sir MVIT.
The Committee continuously works on the Alumni Relations, with Institute and the students, in identifying academic opportunities. The Alums can support the Institution with their time and talents by creating lifelong connections between faculty, administrators, staff, parents and  the  students.
These interactions also help all stakeholders to refine their craft take on new challenges. In today’s rapidly changing environment, lifelong learning is essential for a sustained growth.

ALLC Committee members:

S.No Name Department Designation
1 Dr. M S Suresh EEE Professor
2 Dr. CH Vanipriya ISE Professor
3 Dr. Jagadeesh Kumar D BT Associate Professor
4 Mr. K V R Prasad CV Associate Professor
5 Mr. Phanindar Ravi ECE Assistant Professor
6 Ms. R Latha MCA Assistant Professor

The ALLC Committee, since inception has contributed to inviting the Alumni as Experts in various forums of the college. A few details are mentioned below.


S.No Name Designation
1 Mr. Apoorva Singh Founder of QUBE
2 Mr. Nagechethan S M Founder at NOVANC
3 Ms. Manasi Chadha –  Founder –  My Terra  Bangalore
4 Mr. Mahesh Hegde Founder&CEO LearnX
5 Mr. Satish K G Director – e-SenZ Innovations Pvt Ltd
6 Ms.Shaily Srivastava  CEO & Co-founder, Acreage Inc. Ontario Canada.
7 Mr. Shiv Varun Singh Rajput CEO, Nautical Wings
8 Ms. Ranjita Ravi Co-Founder, ORXA Energies
9 Mr. Prajwal Sabnis Co-Founder, ORXA Energies
10 Mr. Srinivas B Director , Aspatika
11 Ms. Rumana Sinha Sehgal Founder, Serendipity
12 Mr. Abhishek Kumar Tech Lead, Google
13 Mr. Rahul Sharma Founder,Appscrip
14 Mr. Akhil Menon 3x Founder | Strategy & Leadership | Angel Investor
15 Mr. Gautam Khurana Co-Founder, SenseLoaf Technologies
16 Mr. Prakhar Agarwal CEO, Co-Founder, SenseLoaf Technologies
17 Mr. Bhavana Vijay Kumar Asst. Vice President – Human Resource, NewSpace Research and Technologies

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