Department of Information Science & Engineering

Dr. P Vijayakarthik Professor & HOD

Welcome to the Department of Information Science and Engineering at Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. We started our journey in the year 1999 with an intake of 60 students. Over the last 20 years, we have grown our expertise and competence in the core field of Information Science and Engineering.

We have a strong undergraduate program in Information Science and Engineering and having approved Research Centre by Visvesvaraya Technological University(VTU), Belagavi. At present, the department has 5 Ph.D. Research scholars. Our department hosts several National Level Conferences, Workshop, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Alumni Lectures, Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Student Development Programmes (SDP), Hackathons periodically.

The main focus of our curriculum is to impart technical knowledge and by using Innovative Teaching Learning methodologies. We motivate our students to do innovative projects and find a solution to the problems in the real world.

Our Undergraduate students are encouraged to undertake various Technical projects and internships in leading IT Industries and also in Central Government organizations like HAL, BHEL, IITs, etc.. Our department maintains active research groups for carrying out collaborative and interdisciplinary research. We have received Industrial funding for research and we are providing consultancy services.

Our department has a strong Alumni Network and our Department Alumni are working all around the globe. Our Alumni regularly visit the Department and deliver Alumni Lecture to our students. Our students are placed in good companies like Infosys, TCS, Amazon, Accenture, CTS, Robert BOSCH, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, IBM, Cisco, and Societe Generale. More than 10 Percentage of students who are passing out every year are doing their Masters in foreign Universities.

  • To empower students with knowledge and skills to develop the competency in the emerging areas of Information Technology.
  • To train the students to have Professional career in IT industry and Higher studies through Quality Education.

  • To provide outstanding Teaching and Research environment by implementing innovative Teaching and Research Methodologies for Quality Education and Research.

  1. Graduates will have Prospective careers in the field  of Information Technology.
  2. Graduates will have good Leadership Qualities, Self Learning abilities and zeal for higher studies and Research.
  3. Graduates will follow Ethical Practices and exhibit high level of Professionalism by participating and addressing Technical, Business and environmental challenges.
  • Students will have the Knowledge of Software, Hardware, Algorithms, Modelling Networking and Application Development.
  • Students will be able to Develop and Implement efficient and Secure Algorithms using Appropriate Data Structure and Database.
  • Students will be able to find better solutions by using Computer Programming Languages.
Teaching Staff

Name of the Faculty



Dr. P Vijayakarthik M.E, Ph.D. Professor and Head
Dr. Sheshappa SN Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. Vanipriya CH Ph.D. Associate Professor
Mr. Raghav S M.Tech. Associate Professor
Mr. Manohar R M.Tech., (Ph.D.) Assistant  Professor
Mr. VijayaKumara Y.M M.Tech Assistant  Professor
Mrs. Suguna MK M.Tech Assistant  Professor
Mr. Byre Gowda B.K M.Tech Assistant  Professor
Mrs. Shanta Biradar M.Tech., (Ph.D.) Assistant  Professor
Mrs.Vandana.M - Assistant  Professor
Ms.Chaitra.S.R - Assistant  Professor
  • B.E (Information Science & Engineering) and Ph.D.
  • VTU Recognized R&D Centre for pursuing Ph.D. from 2011 onwards.

Department of ISE organized One day National seminar on “Leading with Mindset ” on 28-2-2020 and Resource Persons were Mr.Rajesh Mehta , Senior Facilitator IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai and Ms. Poornima Iyengar Manager, University Relations IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru.

Department of ISE organized One day seminar on “Enterprise Computing and Opportunities in this space” on 29-4-2019 and Resource Persons were Ms. Poornima Iyengar Manager, University Relations IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, Mr.Shankar Purandare Technical Team Leader IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru.

Department of ISE organized One day Work shop on “Angular JS Hands on work shop ” on 26-4-2019 and Resource Person was Mr. Jayanth S. Software Engineer Society General Bengaluru.

An ExpertTalk On “WOMAN ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP” Jointly Organized by “Women in Tech “ Club of DEPARTMENTS OF CSE,ISE and MCA Under CIII

Organized National Conference on National Conference on Information, Communication, Controls & Computing (NCIC3 -2018) on 23rd May 2018

Faculty Development Programme on "Machine Learning" organized by our ISE Department on 23-July-2018

SDP on Machine Learning conducted on 16-November-2018 and Mr. Suraj Patel was the Resource person for the SDP

Mr. Ravikumar Project manager from IBM India Private Ltd has trained our students on Advanced Database Management Systems On 13th NOV-2017 for 5th semester students. Topics covered are Database Design concepts like Normalization theorems, Triggers, and Stored Procedures.

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) conducted on “Role of Mentoring in Higher Education” by Dr. Illango, HOD of Computer Applications New Horizon college Bengaluru on 19th MAY-2017

Mrs. Ramya Rashmi Consultant NTT Data Bengaluru Alumni of our department conducted seminar on “Introduction to Virtualization and Cloud Computing” on 17th April 2017

Name of the Laboratory Major Equipment
Data Structures Lab Room No-011 Computers and Projector
Electronics &Logic design Lab Room No-117 Analog and digital Trainer kits and Projector
Analysis and Design of Algorithms Room No-011 Computers
Microprocessor Lab Room No-107B Computers and Interfacing devises
Database Management System Lab Room No-111 Computers and Projector
File Structures Lab Room No-111 Computers and Projector
Software Testing Lab Room No-107A Computers and Projector
Network Lab Room No-007B Computers and Projector
Web Lab Room No-107A Computers and Projector
C Programming Lab Room No-007A Computers and Projector
Machine Learning Lab Room No-011 Computers and Projector
Year Milestones
1999 Year of Establishment of ISE Department
2008 Mr. Kunal Ghat Kemble won the bronze model in international Taekwondo Championship held at Nepal.
2009 Ms. Deepthi  was selected as Campus Ambassador for SONATA Software, Bengaluru.
2010 Received Research Centre status under VTU for pursing Ph.D  Programme.
2011 Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) funded 6 Lakhs for setting up “Cognizant Innovate Laboratory”
2012 Ms. Neeta lokesh has secured university Sixth Rank and received Medal from VTU.
2013 Organized a  National  seminar on  Cyber Security.
2014 Organized National Conference on “Emerging  Technologies in Computer science (NCETCS-2014)”.
2015 Organized a Student Development Programme (SDP) on “Big data Analytics  using Hadoop”.
2016 Organized faculty Development Programme(FDP)on “Advanced Java and Microprocessors”.
2017 Organized a Hackathon under Student Development   Programme(SDP) associated with Value Pitch Technologies, Mumbai. Ms. Bhuvana has won Gold Medal in the Indo-Bangladesh Throw ball  championship held at Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.
2018 Accredited by  NAAC  with B++  Grade. Organized National  Level Conference on Information Communication, controls and computing(NCIC3-2018)   during  23-May-2018 Organized  FDP  on “ Machine Learning”  on  23-July-2018.
2019 Received Industrial funding of Rs.2 Lakhs from Power Health Technologies and Rs.1 Lakh from value Pitch Technologies, Mumbai
2020 Ms. RITIKA PANDEY  has secured University second Rank with CGPA 8.83 and Mr. SAI RATHNAM P.R  has secured University sixth Rank with CGPA of 8.94

Achievements by the students

  1. Mr. Deep Narayan and Mr. Abhi Chaurasia from 3rd year Attended Angelhack Hackthon program on 8-6-2019 at CoWrksv Purva premiere, Residency road Bengaluru-560025 won the $500 prize.
  1. Ms. Shalini R and Ms. Megha S Kencha Reddy from 4th year published paper titled “Comparison Analysis of Different Classifier Algorithms and Selection of Highly Ranked Attributes on Breast Cancer Datasets” in International Journal-IJARBEST ISSN: 2456-5717 VOl.5 Issue 8, August 2019.
  1. Ms. Sanjana Cholaraju and Ms. N Chandana from 4th year published paper titled “Performance Analysis of Transaction Datasets using different Classification Algorithm” in International Journal-IJARBEST ISSN: 2456-5717 VOl.5 Issue 7, July 2019.
  1. Mr. Avikanth  et al , in Second Year has published Research Paper entitled “Accident Detection, Severity Prediction, Identification of Accident Prone Areas India and  Feasibility study using Improved Image segmentation , Machine Learning and sensors





2019 Ritika Pandey VTU 2nd Rank
2019 Sai Ratnam VTU 6th Rank
2012 Neetha Lokesh VTU 4th Rank


% Placement

Company Names

Highest Package

2019-2020 90% Accenture, Aricent, Blue optima, Mu Sigma, TCS, Infosys, Mind Tree,Ernest Young, Target, Temenos, Danske IT, KPIT, Path Partner, Cerner, Wipro,Aryaka, Subex, IBM, Cognizant. 12,00,000
2018-2019 94% Accenture, ARICENT, Tally, EY, Sociate General, Torry Harris, Wipro, Mind Tree, Wssion Infotech, Danske IT, Continental Automative,, VM Ware, HSBC 11,50,000



Accenture, ARICENT, Tally, EY, Sociate General, Torry Harris, Wipro, Mind Tree, Wssion Infotech, Danske IT, Continental Automative,, VM Ware, HSBC




Sociate General,CGI, EY, L&T Infotech, Mu Sigma, Moon Raft, Aaryaka, TCS, Kirusa, Wipro, Torry Harris, Accenture, LE Eco system Tech, Danske IT, All State India Pvt Ltd, Sprinkler, Cyent, Micro land, Temenos, ZS Asociates, Keyoine Corporation


Name of the Faculty



Video Link

Dr. P.VijayaKarthik Professor & Head Software Engineering - Spiral Model
Dr Sheshappa S N Associate Professor Process Management in Operating Systems
Dr. Vanipriya C H, Associate Professor Data Structures
Mr Raghav, Associate Professor Micro Processor/ Architecture of 8086
Mr.Vijayakumar Y M Asst Professor Objects and Classes in Java
Mr Byre Gowda B K Asst Professor C Programming
Mrs.Suguna M K Asst Professor Example on Mealy Machine
Mrs Shanta Biradar Asst Professor Introduction SQL
Mr Manohar R Asst Professor Management Concepts




Mr. V Sridhar B.E System Administrator
Mr. Ramesh K B.E Lab Technician
Mrs. Niveditha A MCA Programmer
Mr. Peethambaram N M.A Clerk
Mr. Ramesh T Attender
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  • Dr.P.Vijayakarthik et al , A Brilliant Agent Scheme for Consulting Diverse Online Cloud Vendor to Detect Momentous Services, Journal of Test Engineering and Management, ISSN: 0193-4120 Page No. 9554 – 9560, Volume Number 9554-9560 (Scopus Indexed Journal), Published in April,2020
  • Mr. Manohar R Published a paper "Sketchai: using FCNS to Extract Line ART Drawings" in International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume-8 Issue-4, November 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878
  • Dr.P.Vijayakarthik, et al, Brain Tumour Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI images, Journal of Medical Systems by Springer Publications, Volume No.43, Issue Number 9,DOI: 10.1007/s10916-019-1416-0,ISSN-0418-5598, published in 2019, (SCI & Scopus Indexed Journal).

Department of ISE signed a MOU with Valuepitch e-Technologies, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Agency Amount Period Principal Investigator/Guide
Valuepitch e-Technologies, Mumbai Rs 3,00,000 2018-19 Dr.Vanipriya Ch
Power Health Technologies Rs 2,00,000 2019-20 Dr.P.Vijaya Karthik
Valuepitch e-Technologies, Mumbai Rs 1,00,000 2019-20 Dr.Vanipriya Ch
KSCT-43rd Series 2019-2020 Rs 5,000 2019-20 Ms.Suguna M K
List of  Research Guides and their Specialization
Sl.NO Name of the Research Guide VTU  Research Supervisor  ID Area of Specialization of the Research Guide Number of Research Scholars
1 Dr.P.Vijayakarthik VTU0817507 Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud  Computing, Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence. 5  Research Scholars
2 Dr.S.N.Sheshappa VTU01208476 Parallel Processing, Distributed Computing,  Cloud Computing 1 Research Scholar
3 Dr.Vanipriya CH     VTU07192695 Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Sentimental Analysis NIL
List of  Research Scholars and their current Research Status
Sl.NO USN Name of the Research Scholar Name of the Research Guide Research Title approved by VTU Current Status of Research Work
1 1MV17PEA06 Mrs.  M.Sangeetha Dr. P.VIJAYAKARTHIK To  Provide  & Secured access control of encrypted  data  in cloud storage using  attribute based  Encryption. Submitted the Thesis on April 20th  2021.
2 1MV16PEF01 Mr.Naveen Ghorpade Dr. P.VIJAYAKARTHIK Design and implementation of Hybrid Approach  for energy efficient – Mobile Sink path selection  for wireless sensor Networks. He will be submitting the Thesis on June 4th week,2021
3 1MV17PES02 Mr.K.Suresha Dr. P.VIJAYAKARTHIK Enhancing  data Security in cloud computing  using Threshold Cryptography  Technique Open seminar – I was over
4 1MV17PEA08 Mrs.K.Bindu Madavi Dr. P.VIJAYAKARTHIK To provide data security and address the various performance issues in cloud computing environment Comprehensive Viva was completed
5 1MV19PIS01 Mrs.Poongothai.C Dr. P.VIJAYAKARTHIK Enhancing the Performance of Low power Wide Area Network using Narrow Band Internet of Things Course work completed
6 1MV16PEJ11 Mr.Manjunatha Dr.S.N.SHESHAPPA Dynamic chaining for co-operative Media streaming using Cluster based search in mobile Environment Course work completed
List of  Funded Project currently being carried out in the Research Center
Industrial Funding Funding Amount Academic  Year Principal Investigator
Valuepitch e-Technologies, Mumbai Rs 3,00,000 2018-19 Dr.Vanipriya Ch
Power Health Technologies Rs 2,00,000 2019-20 Dr.P.Vijayakarthik
Valuepitch e-Technologies, Mumbai Rs 1,00,000 2019-20 Dr.Vanipriya Ch
KSCT-43rd Series 2019-2020 Rs 5,000 2019-20 Ms.Suguna M K
  • Bigdata Analytics  and Machine Learning.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Software Engineering.
  • IOT.
  • Networking and Cyber security.
  • Grid Computing.
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Multi Core Architectures.
  • Web Technologies.
Sl No. Equipment/ Software/ Facility  available Utility area/Purpose
1 Network Simulator 2 Research  & Project  Work
2 CloudSim  ver 5.0 Research& Project work
3 Open Simulator Tool  Research& Project work
4 Logisim Project work
5 Vlab  (Virtual Lab) Demonstration for students
6 Open access Journals - IEEE , VTU  Consortium e-Journals, e-books Research work
7 Turnitin for Plagiarism Check Research/ Project work
8 High Speed Internet Connectivity Research/ Project work
9. Hard Copy of Journals Research/ Project work
10  Video Conferencing facility with LED Projector, Amplifier, Public Address System. Presentation and Conduction of Ph.D Viva Voce, e-Learning , Project  Presentation,