Department Of Biotechnology Engineering Research Centre details

List of Research Guides and their Specialization.

Sl.NO Name of the Research Guide VTU Research ID Area of Specialization of the Research Guide Number of Research Scholars Details of Ph.D Guidance to other  Universities Research Scholars.
1 Dr.  H G Nagendra VTU08173840 Structural Biology/Biophysics 06 NIL
2 Dr.Chandrasheskhar Naik VTU09174988 Microbial Biotechnology 07 NIL
3 Dr. Mrinalini Menon VTU08173388 Enzymology & Protein chemistry 02 NIL
4 Dr. Rajendra Singh C VTU09175223 Biochemistry 02 NIL
5 Dr Priya Narayan VTU09175297 Microbiology/Structural Biology NIL NIL
6 Dr Jagadeesha Kumar D


(Registration id)

Neuroinformatics /Bioinformatics  /Systems biology NIL NIL
7 Dr Rashmi K V 012021RSBT000619 (Registration id) Plant Biotechnology NIL NIL

List of current Research Scholars and THEIR RESEARCH Status

Sl.NO USN Name of the Research Scholar Name of the Research Guide Research Title approved by VTU Current Status of Research Work



1 1PI13PGN03 Mr. Shrinivas B V Dr H G Nagendra Development of Technology for reclamation of oil-palm industry wastes towards generating value added products and by products

Pre PhD completed

Thesis under preparation

2 1MV16PGJ01 Mr Deepak Bajantri Dr H G Nagendra Synergistic strategies to increase the silk yield through artificial diet and phytoextract based growth promotors for silk worm Bombyx ori L

Pre PhD completed

Thesis under preparation

3 1MV16MGJ01 Mr. Toufiq Mohammad Dr H G Nagendra Computational approaches for investigating PP2Aβ subunit diversity regulation and substrate specificity as a cure for breast cancer MSc (Engg.) by Research VTU
4 1MV10PGN02 Mr. Revanasiddappa Dr. Chandrashekhar Naik Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Lantibiotics from probiotics of traditional fermented foods Pre PhD completed Thesis under preparation VTU
5 1MV11PGN02 Mr. Shivasharanappa Dr. Chandrashekhar Naik Screening, Purification and Characterization of Microbial pigments for their Radioprotective and antioxidative properties Pre PhD completed Thesis under preparation VTU
6 1MV16PMJ01 Mr. Sampath Kumar L Dr. Chandrashekhar Naik Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial’s for restorative dentistry Application

Pre PhD completed

Thesis under preparation

7 1MV17PGS01 Ms.Syeda  Lidia Hossain Dr Rajendra Singh C Investigation of Cytotoxic and DNA binding Studies of Sydnone Liquid crystal compounds

Pre PhD completed

Thesis under preparation

8 1MV17PEA07 Mr. Nataraj Dr Rajendra Singh C Development of biosensor for  detection of abuse drugs (Narcotics) Course work completed VTU


GC Unit, Pcr Machine, Fermentor-B, Uv-Visible Spectrophotometer, Electrophoresis Units, Gel Documentation System, Tangential Flow Filter, Miliq Water Purification System, High Speed Cooling Centrifuge – C24, Cooling Microfuge – C23, Temperature Controlled Incubator Shaker, Bod Incubator, Ultrasonicator, -20oc Deep Freezer, Water Both Shaker, Trinocular Research Microscope with Camera Attachment, Stereo Binocular Microscope, Peristaltic Pump, Fraction Collector, Elisa Reader, Co2 Incubator, Inverted Microscope, Laminar airflows, Soxlet Apparatus, Distillation Units Autoclave, Distillation Setup (Simple, Packed Column, and Steam), Heat Transfer through packed bed, dryer, Wetted Wall Column Equipment, Sieve Analysis Shaker, Leaf filter equipment, Packed bed extraction, Vertical Condenser, Computerised Flow Control, Pressure Control, and Temperature Control equipment’s, Interaction Systems, on –Interaction Systems, Single Tank System, Batch Reactor, Plug Flow Reactor, Mixed Flow Reactor, Venturimeter Equipment, Orifice equipment, Centrifugal pump, Reciprocating Pumps, Plate and Frame Filtration Equipment, Settling Equipment., Friction in Pipe equipment, Open Orifice.

High End Computers – (2): Exclusive for R & D

High End Computers for MD and Simulation Studies

 Software details: Discovery Studio 3.5 – Discovery Studio® 2.5.5, a suite of life science software solutions including tools for protein, ligand, and pharmacophore modeling.


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