University Rank Holders

Students of SIRMVIT are consistently performing well in University Exams and getting numerous VTU Ranks more than any other college. Till date, our students have secured a total of 114 University ranks. SIRMVIT Management congratulates the rank holders and the Faculty on this outstanding academic achievement.



IEM – 1st Rank Gold Medal

Akaansha Gaurav

TCE – 2nd Rank

Akarapu Nikitha

EEE – 4th Rank

Bhavana Nagaraja

BT – 9th Rank

Doranala Swathi

CSE – 8th Rank

Hitashi Nandan

TCE – 4th Rank

Pooja H.V

BT – 5th Rank

Rithika Pandey

ISE – 2nd Rank

Sai Rathinam P.R

ISE – 6th Rank

Srilekha K.P

ME – 3rd Rank

Shreya Sabu

B.E. in CSE 10th Rank

Sinchana R. Nayak

Civil – 8th Rank

Sonli S Naik

BT – 2nd Rank

Harini Chandramouli

EEE – 5th Rank

Devipriya Sarkar

B.E. in CSE 9th Rank

Gaganashree R

B.E. in TE 7th Rank

Brinda U

B.E. in TE 9th Rank

Ankit Pattnaik

B.E. in Civil 4th Rank

Aishwarya Lal

B.E. in CSE 5th Rank

Usha N

M. Tech. in Electronics 3rd Rank

Rituparna Dey

B.E. in Electrical 10th Rank

Arpitha Ananth

B.E. in BT 9th Rank

Mercy Priscilla J

M. Tech. in Electronics 2nd Rank

Unni Maya R

B.E. in BT 10th Rank

University 1st Rank – 2016

Pranav P – Civil Engg.

Recipient of 12 Gold Medals

Persuing M.Tech. at Texas A&M University, USA


Pranav P

B.E in Civil 1st Rank with 12 Gold Medals

Divyashree S

B.E in TCE 3rd Rank

Aditya Pradeep

B.E in IEM 6th Rank


B.E in TCE 7th Rank

Aswathy P

B.E in EEE 8th Rank

B Aparna

B.E in BT 10th Rank

Latha N

M.Tech. in E.C 1st Rank

Shriya Shankar

M.Tech. in EC 2nd Rank

Sachin V

M.Tech. in EC 3rd Rank


B.E in ECE 5th Rank

Sahana S Athreya

B.E in TCE 5th Rank

Rajesh R

B.E in Mech. 8th Rank

Priya V

B.E in CSE 10th Rank

Sneha Sanjiv Pingle

M.Tech in Electronics 3rd Rank

G U L Mounika

M.Tech in Biotechnology 1st Rank

Ojal Sarah Paul

M.Tech in Biotechnology 2nd Rank

Shubha B

M.Tech in Biotechnology 3rd Rank

Timir Ranjan

B.E in Civil 3rd Rank

Sherwin Richy Jonas J

B.E in IEM 5th Rank

Mercy Subaraman

M.Tech. in Electronics 2nd Rank

Achuth N

M.Tech. in Mech. 3rd Rank

Anamica Rani Bir

B.E in CSE 5th Rank

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