University Rank Holders

Students of SIRMVIT are consistently performing well in University Exams and getting numerous VTU Ranks more than any other college. Till date, our students have secured a total of 114 University ranks. SIRMVIT Management congratulates the rank holders and the Faculty on this outstanding academic achievement.


Swati Doranala

B.E. in CSE 8th Rank

Shreya Sabu

B.E. in CSE 10th Rank

Devipriya Sarkar

B.E. in CSE 9th Rank

Gaganashree R

B.E. in TE 7th Rank

Brinda U

B.E. in TE 9th Rank

Ankit Pattnaik

B.E. in Civil 4th Rank

Aishwarya Lal

B.E. in CSE 5th Rank

Usha N

M. Tech. in Electronics 3rd Rank

Rituparna Dey

B.E. in Electrical 10th Rank

Arpitha Ananth

B.E. in BT 9th Rank

Mercy Priscilla J

M. Tech. in Electronics 2nd Rank

Unni Maya R

B.E. in BT 10th Rank

University 1st Rank – 2016

Pranav P – Civil Engg.

Recipient of 12 Gold Medals

Persuing M.Tech. at Texas A&M University, USA


Pranav P

B.E in Civil 1st Rank with 12 Gold Medals

Divyashree S

B.E in TCE 3rd Rank

Aditya Pradeep

B.E in IEM 6th Rank


B.E in TCE 7th Rank

Aswathy P

B.E in EEE 8th Rank

B Aparna

B.E in BT 10th Rank

Latha N

M.Tech. in E.C 1st Rank

Shriya Shankar

M.Tech. in EC 2nd Rank

Sachin V

M.Tech. in EC 3rd Rank


B.E in ECE 5th Rank

Sahana S Athreya

B.E in TCE 5th Rank

Rajesh R

B.E in Mech. 8th Rank

Priya V

B.E in CSE 10th Rank

Sneha Sanjiv Pingle

M.Tech in Electronics 3rd Rank

G U L Mounika

M.Tech in Biotechnology 1st Rank

Ojal Sarah Paul

M.Tech in Biotechnology 2nd Rank

Shubha B

M.Tech in Biotechnology 3rd Rank

Sherwin Richy Jonas J

B.E in IEM 5th Rank

Mercy Subaraman

M.Tech. in Electronics 2nd Rank

Achuth N

M.Tech. in Mech. 3rd Rank

Anamica Rani Bir

B.E in CSE 5th Rank

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