Department Of Mechanical Engineering Research Centre details



Sl. No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Year of Registration Title of Research work Status
1 Dr D N Drakshayani Mrs V Shantha USN: 1MV04PMM03 2004 Characterization and structure properties correlation in doped tungsten Awarded PhD
2 Dr Mallikarjuna C Math Mr Kiran Kumar M USN: 1MV13PMN01 2013 Application of response surface methodology for the prediction of performance, combustion and emission characteristics in spark ignition engine using ethanol-gasoline blends Awarded PhD
3 Dr M S Ganesha Prasad Mr Prashant S H USN: 1MV11PMN02 2011 Studies on Process Optimization of Solid State welding of Aluminum -7075 and Steel Materials with different Preheating Conditions Awarded PhD
4 Dr D N Drakshayani Mr Janardhana K USN: 1MV10PMM01 2010 The retrogression and reaging heat treatment of aluminum alloys Thesis Submitted
5 Dr D N Drakshayani Mr. Khalique Ejaz Ahmed USN: 1MV11PMN01 2011 Studies on the effect of process parameters on friction stir welded Aluminum reinforced with particulate metal composites. Experimental works
6 Dr V Shantha Mr. Sampath Kumar L USN: 1MV16PMJ01 2015 Synthesis and characterization of Nano materials for restorative dentistry application Completed comprehensive viva voce
7 Dr V Shantha Mrs. Nitya Poornima USN: 1MV17PMS02 2016 Studies on Nano powders as additives for lubrication Course work completed
8 Dr A J K Prasad Mr Yeshvantha H S USN: 1ME13PMN03 2013 Design and fabrication of UHMWPE composites reinforced with Nano ceramic oxides ad evaluation of their mechanical properties Pre PhD completed Thesis under preparation
9 Dr A J K Prasad Mr Prashanth L USN: 1MV15PMJ01 2015 Evaluation of Properties of a Battery System for ICP Systems for Marine Applications Pre PhD completed Thesis under preparation
10 Dr G Balakumar Mr. Ravikumar USN: 1MV26PMJ03 2015 Studies on development and optimization of machinability paramters of Al alloy reinforced with ZrO2 particulates based MMCs Comprehensive Viva voce completed
11 Dr G Balakumar Mr. Shivakumar S USN : 1MV17PMA01 2017 Development and property evaluation of Al-alloy reinforced with nano ceramic particulates based MMCs subjected to hot forging process. Status; comprehensive Vivo date announced Course work completed. Waiting for Comprehensive Viva-Voce
12 Dr G Balakumar Mr Nataraj M USN: 1MV17PMA03 2017 Development and property evaluation of Al alloy reinforced with ZrO2 particulates based MMCs by disintegrated melt deposition technique Comprehensive Viva-Voce completed
13 Dr G Balakumar Mr Madhukumar K USN: 1MV19PME01 2019 Development and mechanical characterization of Al alloy reinforced with Zirconia, subjected to extrusion and heat treatment. Course work completed


  • Thermal Science, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Renewable Energy Sources
  • Material Tensile Strength Characterization at High Strain rates and temperatures.
  • Nano Materials and Bio Materials.
  • Casting and Welding
  • Product Design/PLCM
  • Robotics
  • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing.
  • Mechatronics and artificial Intelligence.


Sl No. Equipment/ Software Specification Utility area/Purpose
1 Computerized Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 60 Ton Capacity Materials, Research purpose and for students experiments
2 Computerized Diesel Engine Test Rig Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke Diesel Engine Heat and Mass Transfer, Analysis of engine performance, Testing of Bio fuels
3 Metallurgical Microscope Upright metallurgical microscope, Magnification: 1000X Analysis of Microstructure of Materials
4 Wear and Friction Monitor Model TR201LE Materials, Wear and friction monitor for polymer composites
5 Vacuum pump HVV make model E06 For vacuum creation
6 ANSYS Software V13 Modeling and Analysis Lab
7 Metal Melting Furnaces Electric Furnace Foundry Lab, Melting, Alloying purpose