Department Of Computer Science & Engineering Research Centre details

Details of Research Scholar in CSE Research Centre                                               

SI. No Guide Name Sl. No. Research Scholar Type of Research Scholar Type of Registration Year of Registration  

Title of the Ph.D. Thesis

USN Name
1 Dr. G.C Banuprakash 1 1MV14PEM01 Ms. Pallavi R. Internal Part Time Mar 2014 Development of a Partition Free Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) System to Enhance the Systems Reliability through Critical Node Detection Awarded with Ph.D. in November 2020
2 1MV15PEJ03 Ms. Rekha B. N Internal Part Time Feb 2015 Novel Approaches for Energy Efficiency to Enhance Quality of Service in Wireless Sensor Networks Comprehensive Viva Completed
3 1MV16PEJ08 Ms. Swetha K. B External Part Time Feb 2016 Design and Development of an efficient framework using location and sensing technology for ubiquitous computing Comprehensive Viva Completed
4 1MV16PEJ05 Mr. Narendrababu C.R External Part Time Jan 2016 Optimization base human locomotion prediction in ubiquitous computing Course work Completed
2 Dr. Suma Swamy 1 1MV15PEJ02 Ms. Shruthi J External Part Time Feb 2015 An Efficient Natural Language Processing technique for Unstructured Textual Data using machine learning Approaches Comprehensive Viva Completed
2 1MV15PEJ04 Ms. Salma Banu N. K External Part Time March 2015 Prediction of Heart disease using data mining and Big data analytics Course work Completed
3 1MV16PEJ04 Mr. Manohar R. Internal Part Time Jan 2016 Sarcasm Detection in Kannada Language Comprehensive Viva Completed
4 1MV16PEJ06 Mr. Shankar R. External Part Time Feb 2016 Sentiment Analysis of Reviews in Kannada using Hybrid Approaches Comprehensive Viva Completed
5 1MV17PEA01 Mr..Revanasiddappa External Part Time May 2017 IoT based Smart Agriculture to Optimize Crop Yield Comprehensive Viva Completed
3 Dr. Savita Choudhary 1 1MV17PEA03 Ms. Hamsaveni M. External Part Time May 2017 Design and development of efficient static and wavelength assignment and routing algorithm in WDM Net Work with Blocking Course work Completed
2 1MV17PEA02 Ms. Smitha Patil External Part Time May 2017 Predicting transitional stages of kidney disease before transplantation using big data Comprehensive Viva Completed
3 1MV17PES01 Mr. Karthik V. External Part Time July 2017 Ensembled Architecture to improvise the methods in SVM (A machine Approach) Course work Completed
4 1MV19PCS01 Ms. Varshitha D. N. External Full Time May 2019 A Novel Approach for Soil Fertility and Crop Friendliness detection and monitoring using AL Comprehensive Viva Completed

Area of Research Specialization

  • Ad-Hoc Networking
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Grid Computing
  • Speech Processing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Green Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Image Processing
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Embedded System
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Internet of Things
  • IoT

Research Centre Infrastructure

No. of Systems System Configuration
20 AMD Athlon Quad Core CPU with 2GHz Clock (Not Turbo) 3D Graphics Accelerator with 128 Cores @ 600 MHz + 4 GB DDR3 System Memory, 120GB Solid State Hard Disk – Very High Performance Antec SMPS with Cabinet, 18.5″ LED HD Monitor, Logitech Keyboard and Mouse, Antec SMPS with Cabinet


System System Configuration
Xeon E5606@2.13GHz with 4 cores & 8MB cache, Xeon 5000/5600 series Processors.2h rack mount chasis with 8Nos Sata Bays-Expand up to 32TB,2TB Sata 7200 enterprise HDD 64MB Cache.4GBx4no=16GB RAM .160GB-SDD.
64Bit x 68/64/AMD Opteron 6172 @2.1GHz with 16 Cores. AMD SR56 x 0/s P5 100 Server Motherboard – @Giga LAN.8GB x 8 No=64GB RAM DDR3 1333-256GB RAM,30GB SSD Hypervisor OS
Supermicro AMD server:
AMD Opteron 6274 64-bit @2.2 GHZ with 16 MB cache, Virtualization technology
And scalability up to 4 processors. 32 cores, scalability up to 1000 GB, ECC registered DDR3 RAM, 4 Memory channels per processor.  2.5’’/3.5’’ 6GBPS SAS/SATA hot swap
HDD bays. 2U rack mount chassis, 16 GB ECC REG DDR 3 RAM* 8 nos= 128 GB, ECC REG, SSD Internal Enterprises, 200 GB* 2 = 400 GB Enterprises


Licenced Software