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They say, “big things often have small beginnings,” same goes with Abhikalpana. It began with a group of 6-7 dreamers, who believed “The willingness to share doesn’t make one charitable, it makes one free”.

Now, Abhikalpana after its bright first two years is a family of about more than 60 enthusiastic volunteers. Abhikalpana stands on three Pillars- Shine, Smile, and Scream. All these volunteers spend their weekend with the underprivileged kids near the college (Sugatta road). This all began when our seniors got to know that many kids living there don’t attend school. As our volunteers started spending their time with kids, they made their parents realize how important schooling is!

Now, all the children who are under our NGO go to school regularly. Spending our weekends with these kids is fun. We teach them basic English, moral values and ethics. We even help them in extracurricular activities. Our biggest achievement till date is that all the kids are going to school regularly and the parents and school teachers are very happy, as their kids are excelling in academics as well as other co-curricular activities.

To focus on the overall development of children we included art and craft as a part in our sessions. This helps our children to build up their personalities and to fight against their fear. Apart from all this, we conducted various other events too. We had footwear distribution program as we saw many kids walk around barefooted, so we bought footwear and distributed among them. This certainly brought a smile on their faces.

It’s a well-known phrase, “Health is Wealth”. Generally, people living in slums are more prone to lower immunity. We organized a free medical camp for the children, where we got a pediatrician, dentist, and an eye specialist. Our 50 kids were examined and proper medicines were provided. We even had an outreach programme for the kids. They performed in Kalanjali (The Inter-college fest of our college). This year we had a summer camp with intentions to know the interest of each child and help them to excel in it.

To run any organization successfully, along with dedication and enthusiasm, money is also a major requirement. Thanks to our College management, CSE department, students, staff, faculty and every associated member of MVIT who have been a constant support throughout.

We organized Marathon of 2km where all the students and teachers of our college took part. Donation drive and KICK-IT (major inter-club football event) which were a grand success in order to raise funds and also helped in our smooth functioning. The money collected is also used in the medical treatment of kids.

You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individual. We all must work for our own improvement and at the same time share a general responsibility for humanity. Abhikalpana has tried to achieve this in all possible ways. It’s been a wonderful journey all throughout. We thank everyone for your immense support and helping us to work towards our pious goals. 

“A Better future we Dream of…”

We welcome you all to join and be a part of our magnificent family.


LEO – Let’s Express Ourselves

LEO is the official literary club of Sir MVIT started in 2004 and aims to help students to improve their communication skills. Having been founded by students, for the students, this club encourages positive interaction between all college students while helping them express themselves better.

Activities: LEO sessions comprise of activities, all of which are aimed at improving one’s thinking speed along with communication skills. Students are also taught the importance of starting resume building from an early stage.

The activities are kept to a level at which newcomers can confidently come up and speak in front of the audience, and this is one of the primary objectives of the club.

These activities include: Air Crash, Just A Minute (JAM), Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Guess the word, Resume Building, Extempore (Speaking for 5 minutes on a topic), Story Building, Situation Handling, Ad – Act (Advertising a particular product), Debate, Quiz, Literati (Annual Literary Fest in college).

Achievements: As a club, LEO has helped several students over the years, and this not only accounts for the fact that every LEO member appearing for placement drive has secured multiple job offers, and also that it has helped a lot of people in their GRE preparation and even boost their English speaking and presentation skills.

Leo has outshined in performance in Kalanjali and Verve. It also has performed very well in departmental fests. Leo has nurtured members who have participated in VTU fest and have been the winners.

Student Coordinators: Leo doesn’t believe to have a single leader and it is a community where every individual is respected. The current main coordinator who frequently takes sessions is Swati Mishra, Anuj Shetty, and Atul Kumar.

Faculty Coordinator: There have lots of faculty coordinators from time to time including the English teacher in 2014 to IS and CSE department. Currently, our mentor is Dr. Nagendra, Head Of Department of Biotechnology Engineering.


The Riposte Crew

The Riposte, popular yet to be understood by many, started in 2012 with 5 guys cornered from various dance crew, united together. Often people wonder what it actually means. Riposte means reply of a quick insult. But then why such a weird name for dance crew unlike some fancy sea maniacs or freak tag? Well, the history speaks when 5 guys (Babu Rao, Chandran Kanth, Pramod Seshi Roy, Jofin George, Shravan) auditioned for different dance crew and got rejected for various reasons. They were considered unfit to dance, a loser by others. Instead of giving up, they planned to reply to that insult so decided to collaborate and form their own dance team, “The Riposte” The burning desires and that passion when beat kicks in, everything is beautiful with those shuffling legs and moving hands. Riposte has been performing in and outside colleges, even VTU, have gained immense popularity and respect among masses for their versatile nature and new choreography which comes from the members of crew itself. The distinctive attribute about Riposte is that, even though their main dance styles are “Hip-Hop”, “Electric Krump” and “Locking”, they’re never afraid of incorporating other Indian and filmy forms while creating their own unique dance style. Their choice of music is also a blend of different genres which seem to please the audience as a whole. They never give up and always work towards turning their weaknesses into their strength. Maybe this is why they have a reserved place in the heart of every dance lover. For a team to grow, it is very important that they not only accept appreciation but also criticism. This is one of the main reasons, Riposte has risen above various other teams and continues to grow marvelously. Their eccentric streak has never failed to amaze their audience and they wish to continue doing so. Like a raging fire, they also wish to spread their passion and inspire people to be themselves. Bound by their promise to always deliver an enthralling performance, Riposte hope to continue motivating people to follow their own dreams. “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, HAPPINESS ITSELF FOLLOWS YOU!”


MVIT QUILLZ, the official quiz club of SIR MVIT, filled the void of an active quiz society in the institute after its formation in August 2015. Co-ordinated by Mr. Sasikumar N. (Asst. Prof., Physics Deptt) and Mr. Hariharan (HOD, Physics Dept) and led by passionate quizzers and student coordinators, MVIT QUILLZ has brought a new dimension to the quizzing atmosphere of SIR MVIT.

The club successfully conducted the first ever Fresher’s Quiz, LAUNCHPAD in association with Avishkara Science Forum, in 2015. It conducts quiz competitions during Kalanjali, Verve, 4D and other intra-college fests and has active quizzers participating in other college fests and national level quiz competitions like TATA Crucible, Nobel Memorial Quiz and many more. Sir MVIT wishes MVIT Quillz the best for the future!!

SHUTTERBUGS – eye like a shutter, mind like a lens

Shutter Bugs started in 11th September 2014 by Abhishek Chintamani. Shutter Bugs is the official photography club of SIRMVIT. Since then Shutterbugs has been blooming every year with photographers whose efficacy can be questioned.

The prodigious output of the member of this club was appreciated in the very first gallery of the club in Kalanjali 2014, they also participated in Kalanjali 2015 – 2018 where they showcased the talent of the budding photographers in the which was based on the theme – When Eye Meets The Lens and Vintage Art Turning to Modern Art. Shutterbugs again came to light when Abhishek Chintamani bagged silver medal in VTU Fest held at Alvas College of Engineering, Moorabidri, Mangalore. Since then there was no looking back. They conducted viable photo walks in many places across Bangalore in places like KR Market, Pottery Town and Cubbon Park. To engross photographers in nature and to increase the horizon of comfort level, even a night trek in collaboration with an Indian Tribe at Maa Kalidurga was conducted. They have organized various workshops throughout the year to bring the photography passion under one roof.

Shutterbugs would like to thank the college for their immense support that it has provided to the club, without which we might not even have existed.

With an indomitable spirit, Shutterbugs will continue improving and growing to conjure up Photography.


Environmental Awareness Program

The Environmental Awareness Program was conducted by Sir MVIT Eco Club on 28 March 2018. Eco Club is a humble effort to create awareness about the environment in every individual.

Students can be powerful advocates for the conservation of natural resources and limiting waste. In fact, students may be able to help and make this happen in a few ways that most adults cannot. Many adults are set in their ways and are not open to change. Students can try to make their parents become more conscious of the environment. Involving students in real responsibilities improves self-esteem, which impacts learning. The attitudes developed will stay with pupils throughout their lives. Students will also have a greater respect and take more care of, other environments they encounter. This was the main idea to conduct the programme and motivate the students.

The event was successfully organized by Mrs. Monika rani HG the member of Eco club under the guidance of Ms. Savita Kulkarni, the chairperson and Ms. Vyshnavi D R, the convenor of the club. The speakers Niharika and Sharanya, from 6th-semester Computer Science Engineering, spoke about the current scenario of our environment and what would happen if immediate action is not taken. There was an interactive session later on where the students discussed the issues inside the college premises and how we as individuals can make a difference and be a part of the solution. Agendas and short-term goals for the club were also listed. The event ended with a happy note and with a changed mindset of every student.


E-Wings was started in 2006 with the coordinated efforts of the students and faculty of Sir MVIT. The cell works to inspire, educate and support new and future entrepreneurs.

  • To bring out a new generation of Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Scientists who are able to inspire and lead tomorrow’s high technology companies.
  • To conduct successful Entrepreneurship education programs so as to develop entrepreneurship skills among students



The only thing to do with good knowledge is to pass it on; it is never of any use to oneself”.

This quote forms the basis of SMVIT’s coding club “TECHHUB”, which began with a thought of helping each other in order to develop and enhance technical skills by making a group. Initially, 5 students started learning from “coursera.org” and in a couple of weeks, there was tremendous upliftment in the approach to solve problems in a team. Now it has more than 250 members.

How it works?

Every day a question is posted on website “https://techhub.pro” and the members solve this question on the online platform. The solutions are posted in  “WhatsApp “ or “Telegram” group and the members discuss the efficiency and different approaches that have been implemented. This platform makes the students placement ready and to get dream IT-jobs.

Tech Hub operates  at three different levels, namely:

TechHub Junior: For Beginners’ in the programming language.

TechHub: People with the basics of programming and can write programs to solve a given problem.

TechHub DataScience: Students learn Data Science, and implement on Kaggle.

A few noteworthy achievements:

  • Tech Hub conducted two Online Coding Contests with more than 70 contestants in each contest (https://techhub.pro/contestrank).
  • It has dedicated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) consisting of more than 60 languages to code in (https://techhub.pro/ide).
  • Participation of MVIT, especially the ISE department, on international platforms like Code Chef, Hacker Rank, etc. has increased drastically compared to any other college.

Website: https://techhub.pro

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