Department of Biotechnology Engineering

Dr. H G Nagendra
Professor & HOD

The Department of Biotechnology was started the year 2002. Being the first institution under the Visvesvaraya Technology University (VTU) to recognize the need for an undergraduate technical program in biotechnology, Sir MVIT played a pioneering role in the formulation of the curriculum, starting with the preparation of draft syllabus, organization of seminars/conferences/workshops, initiating industry-institute interactions & so on. Today, the department is well established with an excellent infrastructure and a highly competent team of faculty members drawn from various fields such as Bioinformatics, Plant biotechnology, Microbial biotechnology, Protein biochemistry, Environmental Engineering, Bioprocess technology& Chemical Engineering. Apart from imparting quality education, this Department has distinguished itself in the sphere of R & D activities as well.

Our journey started during 2002, with the 4 year BE program and a humble intake of 30 students.The department obtained recognition as an R & D center by VTU in 2006, and in 2011 the MTech Program in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering was started as well. At the postgraduate level, we offer M. Tech., MSc (Engg.) by Research and Ph.D. degrees.

Over these 16 years, we have developed the department has steadily grown in terms of its facilities, academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. With a clear mission and vision, the Department of Biotechnology has moved forward in academia, securing a total of 21 University level ranks. Many of the graduates have pursued and are pursuing higher studies at various Universities in India and abroad like Indian Institute of Science, IITs, NIFTEM, VIT, Amity, North Carolina, Iowa, Warwick Nottingham, Exeter, Massey, Monash, Melbourne, Johns Hopkins, Texas, Georgetown, Georgia, Florida, Carnegie Melon, Upsala, Singapore, Max Planck, Maddison, Utah, Lousiana, Wageningen, Hamburg, Ludwick, etc. Our alumni are working at reputed organizations like IISc, IITs, NCBS, UAS, IIHR, , US-FDA, National Cancer Institute, Quintiles, Bio icon, Syngene, Monsanto, AstraZeneca, Strand Life Sciences, Sami Labs, Cerner, Dell, Ernst & Young, Goldmann Sachs, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, The Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development Center (BBRC) to name a few. Some of them have even started their own ventures as well, and become successful entrepreneurs.
The R & D center has 22 Research Scholars registered for their higher degrees at the dept., and 11 have successfully finished their assignments. MOUs with 7 organizations have been signed for collaborative research activities. Funded projects worth Rs. 2.54 Crores from various funding agencies like KHT-UK, DST, DBT, ICMR UGC, VTU, VGST, KSPCB, BMS-USA etc., have been executed/carried out. DBT-BIG labs and BIRAC funded companies are executing projects worth Rs. 6.5 Crores on the campus. The faculty and students have been actively involved in Research projects in domains like Structural Biology, Bioinformatics, Environmental science, Herbal drugs, Microbiology, Fermentation technology, and Chemical Engineering. The faculty of the department has guided about 150+ UG/PG projects. The faculty and students have published over 76 Research Publications in various National/International Journals and presented over 95 posters at National/International Workshops. The highlight of the department is the establishing an incubation centre, where our BE and M. Tech alumni have set up start-up ventures on the campus for facilitating the conversion of PoCs to Product development and Commercialization.

Over the years, the department has conducted over 8 National Conferences, 65 Student Development programmes, 7 faculty development programmes, 8 curriculum development programmes, 45 industrial visits and 97 forum talks from eminent personalities. Regular Alumni and Parent teacher meets are organized by the department. Over 32 issues of the Department newsletter (Genesis) has been edited and published by students. About 95 prizes have been won by our students at various intercollegiate / inter-university sports / literary / art / cultural competitions

  • To develop the department as a centre of excellence by promoting quality education, research and innovation for enabling sustainable growth and development in biotechnology
  • To enable skill building in BT for addressing the needs of academia and industry through skill enhancement programs.
  • To inculcate professional ethics and social responsibilities amongst the graduates through diverse activities.
  • To foster innovation-based research activities and promote Entrepreneurial opportunities to address socio-economic issues via conferences and workshops.
  1. Identify, analyse and solve problems related to design, manufacture, operation and/or maintenance of biological and bioengineering systems.
  2. Apply modern tools and techniques to develop solutions for domain specific problems of socio-economic significance like hazard management, food and nutrition, healthcare etc.
  3. Work effectively as individuals and as team members in multidisciplinary project, displaying soft skills and due regard for the code of ethics and professional practice.
  4. Engage in lifelong learning, career enhancement and adapt to changing professional and societal needs.
  • Graduates demonstrate strong theoretical basics and experimental skills in biosciences and bioengineering which serve as foundation elements for the program.
  • Graduates capable of identification, formulation and analysis of data, based on research literature reviews to address complex problems in various spheres such as nutrition, healthcare and environment to name a few.
  • Graduates capable of applying biotechnology - based ideas and strategies in individual and multidisciplinary activities in order to contribute to the global pool of essential information, knowledge and skills
  • Graduates demonstrate entrepreneurial skills, while assimilating the elements of engineering management, IPR and allied domains.




Dr. H .G. Nagendra Prof & Head Ph. D
Dr. Chandrashekhar Naik Prof. Ph. D
Dr. Mrinalini Menon Assoc.Prof Ph. D.
Dr. Rajendra Singh C Assoc.Prof Ph. D.
Dr. Priya Narayan Assoc.Prof M. Phil, Ph. D.
Mrs. A. Niveditha Assoc.Prof ME, (Ph. D)
Dr. Jagadeesh Kumar Asst.Prof M. Sc, Ph. D.
Dr. Sudevi Basu Asst. Prof M. Tech, Ph. D.
Mr. Manjunath R Asst. Prof M. Tech
Dr. Rashmi K V Asst. Prof M. Sc, Ph. D.
Mrs. Halima R. Asst. Prof M. Tech, (Ph. D)
Mr. Ishwar Chandra Asst. Prof M. Tech, (Ph. D)
Undergraduate Programme:
  • BE in Biotechnology Engineering  (4 Yrs)
Postgraduate Programme
  • M.Tech in Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering (2 Yrs)
  • M.Sc in Biotechnology Engineering (by Research) (2 Yrs) – Research based program
Doctorate Programme
  • Ph.D. – Both Science and Engineering (3-6 Yrs) – Research based program

National Science Day Celebration as community outreach program for nearby school children on 28th February 2018.

Three Day SDP on “Advanced Molecular Techniques” from 17th to 19th May 2018.

One Day SDP on Biosolemnates - Soft Skill Development Program”conducted on 29th September 2018.

Third  Integrative Workshop on Downstream Processing of Phytopharmaceuticals - Research & Industrial Applications  Duration – 10 Days (Only on Saturdays) - 25th August - 3rd November, 2018 (collaborative efforts of Himalaya Drug Company & Sir MVIT)

A 5 – DAY SDP On “Micro-array data and NGS sequencing Data Analysis and applications in drug discovery” conducted on 6th to 10th  August 2018

A 10 Monday Lecture series on “Drug Discovery” in association with Biocon-Bristol Mayer Squibb conducted 3rd September  and 16th  November 2018

Class/Tutorial Room - As per AICTE norms

Laboratory - As per AICTE norms

Computer Centre - As per AICTE norms

Library - As per AICTE norms

Seminar Halls - As per AICTE norms

Electrophoresis units, Peristaltic Pump, Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer, Cooling Centrifuge, Baby Fermentor, PCR, Incubator, BinocularMicroscope, Cooling Microfuge, High Speed Cooling Centrifuge, Ultrafiltration assembly, Colony Counter, UV –Transilluminator, White light-Transilluminator, Autoclave, Distillation Setup (Simple, Packed Column, and Steam), Heat Transfer through packed bed, dryer, Wetted Wall Column Equipment, Sieve Analysis Shaker, Leaf filter equipment, Packed bed extraction, Vertical Condenser, Computerised Flow Control, Pressure Control, and Temperature Control equipment’s, InteractionSystems, on –Interaction Systems, Single Tank System, Batch Reactor, Plug Flow Reactor, Mixed Flow Reactor, Venturimeter Equipment, Orifice equipment, Centrifugal pump, Reciprocating Pumps, Plate and Frame Filtration Equipment, Settling Equipment., Friction in Pipe equipment, Open Orifice.
Grants Received

Project Title

Year of Sanction

Funding Agency

Total Amount Sanctioned

Name of The Staff

“Development of Silkworm Rearing Techniques for Producing Naturally Coloured Cocoons and Fibres” 2018 DST (SEED) 24.86 Lakhs Ms. Deepa, Dr. H G Nagendra
“Evaluation of a Non-Antibiotic Feed Supplement Towards Enhancement of Immune Response Against Mycoplasma Infection in Poultry to Prevent The Occurrence of Complicated Chronic Respiratory Disease ” 2018 BIRAC-PACE 49.75 Lakhs Ms. Ashwathy Das,  Dr. H G Nagendra
Development of Fusarium Resistant Banana CV Elakki Bale Through Chemical Mutagenesis of Embryogenic Cells and Mass Screening for Resistance 2018 BIRAC-SBIRI 34 lakhs (MVIT BT share –9 lakhs) Dr. H G Nagendra
“Computational Strategies to Investigate the Therapeutic Potentials of Snake Venom Toxins for Specific Neuro-Degenerative Disorders” 2018 ICMR 16.54 lakhs Dr. H G Nagendra, Mr. Jagadeesh Kumar
“Development of Fusarium Resistant Banana CV Elakki Bale Through Chemical Mutagenesis of Embryogenic Cells and Mass Screening for Resistance” 2017 BIPP-BIRAC (DBT-GoI) 27 lakhs Dr. H G Nagendra, Mrs. Rashmi K V
Awareness of Women’s Legal Rights 2017 National Commission for Women for Conduct of  College-Level Competition 23,505/- D. Minalini Menon
Unexplored Bioactivity Studies from Fluid Extracts of Spathodea Companulat 2017 BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB 3.14 lakhs Dr. Rajendra Singh
Bench Scale Production of Snowflake Cordyceps and Cordyceps Militaris through Solid State and Submerged Fermentation, Respectively for Nutraceutical Applications 2017 BIPP-BIRAC (DBT-GOI) for 264.35 INR Lakhs (BIRAC Support to MVIT 68.50 Lakhs INR 264.35 lakhs [Support to MVIT 68.5 lakhs] Dr. Priya Narayan
Insitu Solution for Heavy Metal Contaminated Lake Waters of Bangalore 2017 KSCST 7000 /- Dr. Priya Narayan
Entitled  “Evaluation Of Pesticide Induced Neurotoxicity / Carcinogenicity in Common Fruits / Vegetables, Towards Suggesting an Alternative Herbal Formulation as a Potential Bio-Pesticide” 2017 KSCST 6500/- Mr. Jagadeesh Kumar
Heavy Metal Removal from Contaminated Lakes of Bangalore 2017 KSPCB 50000/- Dr. Priya Narayan, Mr. Harish B G
“Establishment of Pilot-Scale Supercritical Fluid Extraction Unit for Nutraceutical and Cosmoceutical Products Development” 2016 Collaborative Project Funded by BIPP-BIRAC (DBT-GOI) 201 lakhs (MVIT-BT share 24.60 lakhs) Dr. H G Nagendra
“Molecular Cloning Expression and Characterisation of Thermostable Thrombolytic (Blood Clot Dissolving) Metalloprotease from an Alkalophilic Bacillus Subtilis Into Pichia Pastoris 2016 DST/SERB 11 Lakhs Dr. Chandrashekhar Naik
Green Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles from Jatropha Curcas to Enhance Lipase Activity 2016 KSCST 9000/- Mrs. Halima R
Incubation Center

Name of the Incubation Centre

Year of Establishment

Name of activities carried out in the Incubation Centre during Jan 2017- Dec 2017

No. of Involved Students

Technology Incubation Centre, Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology 2013
  • Companies Incubated:
    • Aspartika Biotech Pvt Ltd
    • Mallipathra Nutraceutical Pvt Ltd
    • Krimmi Biotech LLP
    • Foundation for Neglected Disease and Research
  • Projects funded:
    • 1 Project funded under DST-WoSB scheme
    • 1 Project funded under DST-SYST scheme
    • 1 Project funded under DBT-BIG scheme

Aspartika Biotech Pvt Ltd - Winner in the National Entrepreneurship Awards 2019 under the Renewable Energy and Waste Management sector of the A1 Category, conferred by Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey,, the Honorable Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, GoI, on 9th November, 2019, New Delhi.

Aspartika Biotech Pvt Ltd - Winner of the Smart Bio Award 2019 in India Bio-Bangalore Tech Summit, for the outstanding contribution to the Bio-Industrial Sector, conferred by Dr. C N Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Higher Education, Medical Education and IT, BT, S&T, GOK, on 19 November 2019. Since the DCM was not able to be present, it was the conferred by the executive members KBITS.

Mallipathra Nutraceutical Pvt Ltd - Winner of the Smart Bio Award 2019 in India Bio-Bangalore Tech Summit, for the outstanding contribution to the Agriculture Sector, conferred by Dr. C N Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Higher Education, Medical Education and IT, BT, S&T, GOK, on 19 November 2019. Since the DCM was not able to be present, it was the conferred by the executive members KBITS.

Krimmi Biotech LLP - Awarded with the BIRAC INNOVATOR AWARD 2019 for the Best Innovation in Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences and Aquaculture, conferred by Dr. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Minister of Railways, GoI, during the Global Bio India, 2019

DST SYST entitled "Development of Silkworm Rearing Technique for Production of Naturally Colored Cocoon & Fibre"

  • Infrastructure Resources at the various labs worth Rs. 2.55 Crores
  • Recognized as a Research Center by VTU in 2005
  • Funded projects executed / being carried out – Funding to the tune of Rs. 2.42 Crores
  • 7 functional MOUs with organizations (industries & institutes)
  • Business Incubation Centre by the New Start-ups (8 projects – 4 companies)
  • 12 Research scholars & project assistants working under the department faculty
  • 05 MSc Engineering Degrees and 4PhD Degree Awarded to Candidates
  • 77 Research Publications from the department faculty and students
  • 38 Projects carried out by students from other organization (Training & Consultancy )
  • 78 Presentations at National/International Conferences by the department faculty
  • 8 Memberships with Professional Bodies
  • 9 National/International Conferences conducted
  • 63 Student Development Programmes conducted
  • 13 Faculty Development Programmes conducted
  • 18 Curriculum Development Programmes conducted
  • 46 Industrial visits organized for students
  • 115 Expert Talks under the departmental forum (JAIVIK) conducted
  • 19 University ranks obtained
  • 110 prizes won by our students at intercollegiate/inter-university competitions
  • 9 Proactive alumni-meets conducted by the department
  • 35 Issues of Department News Letter (Genesis) edited by the students


Photo Name Rank Year of Graduation
Sarika Y 3rd Rank 2006
Revathi D.S 7th Rank 2006
Manjeet Mukherjee 9th Rank 2007
Prajna Shanbhogue 6th Rank 2010
Vinaya Viswanathan 2nd Rank 2011
Anjana Kamath 5th Rank 2011
Donna Belle James 9th Rank 2011
Nayana N 10th Rank 2011
Harshitha A 8th Rank 2012
B Aparna 10th Rank 2016
Arpita Ananth 9th Rank 2017
Unni Maya 10th Rank 2017
Bhavana Nagaraja 9th Rank 2019
Pooja H.V 5th Rank 2019
Sonli S Naik 2nd Rank 2019


Photo Name Rank Year of Graduation
G U L Mounika 1st Rank 2012
Ojal Sarah Paul 2nd Rank 2012
Shubha B 3rd Rank 2012
Aparna  Sahajan 1st Rank 2013
Roopa A 2nd Rank 2013
Lakshmi N 3rd Rank 2013


%  Placement

Company Names

Highest Package

2016 - 17 57.4% OMICS, Accenture Syngene, Infosys, mu sigma, L&T Infotech, Endurance, TCS, Kirusa, Temenos, IBM 3,50,000
2017 - 18 66% Temenos, Omics International, Endurance, Torry Harris, Accenture 3,60,000
2018 - 2019 41% L&T Infotech ,Omics International, Infosys(Pool). 3,50,000




Mr. Hariharan P Instructor M.Sc, (Ph.D)
Mr. Narasimha Murthy Asst.Instructor DME, BA
Mrs. Shery Mol S M Deo B.Sc, M.Sc [SE]
Mrs. Lashmi Priya M R Lab Instructor BE
Mr. Srinivasaiah Peon S.S.L.C