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GAP is the official theatre group of Sir MVIT. We perform all forms of theatre including one-act play, skit, mime, mock rock, full-length play and street play. We have represented the college in the VTU Annual Youth Festival in the forms one-act play, skit, and mime for more than 10 years.
GAP has been a master in Street plays which is conducted in annual cultural fests of different colleges and has won 1st and second place in colleges like RV, BMSCE, PESIT as well as in MVIT (Kalanjali). GAP has actively participated in all competition related to theatre.

GAP is also popular for its Annual Productions. Every year GAP performs a full-length play in a professional theatre “ADA Rangamandira”. This production is open to all Bangalore audience.

We have delivered many hits including “No Retakes”, “Smile OK Please”, “Dear Papa” and “Consequences”. These productions are a huge exposure for the talents of the actors and thus give us a great stage of confidence.

This group is for students with a slight or a huge passion for acting. GAP helps students to open up to the people, instill self-confidence, and the ability to face a crowd. All these traits build the personality of the individuals and help them to face the world when they step outside the college.

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