Alumni Speak

“My four years at MVIT have been an excellent memory to cherish for a lifetime. The time spent has been full of learning opportunities. The relationship between the students and faculty members is more like that of friends. The teaching faculty is fantastically knowledgeable. They have pushed me all the way to succeed in my career. I have learned from amazing teachers and mentors. I have been influenced by the style which they carved in me – believing in yourself is the lynchpin of exceptional leadership.
I loved the freedom that college gave me, which prepared me to face the real world and be an independent achiever. The college also has a wonderful track record of organizing various industrial visits, guest lectures, and conferences which gave the industry exposure and a practical sense to various things. The college provided an adequate ecosystem with the best-in-class facilities –  hostel, library, laboratory, sports arena to name few and many extra-curricular and co-curricular activities”
—  Mr. Sridhar Govardhan, Senior Director and Head of Information Security at Flipkart
“Sir MVIT has been instrumental in shaping my overall personality. What truly differentiates it is the focus on all-round development. The expansive sports facilities, the cultural forum and conducive working environment contributed to an enhanced experience. I would strongly recommend all prospective students to come and visit the campus and experience first hand, what makes Sir MVIT a truly magical place. Wishing you all the best.”
—  Mr. Ashutosh Dikshit, B.E. (CSE) (2000-2004), Head of Service Innovation at UCL, London’s Global University and Member of Board of Governors at IIM (Shillong)
The most memorable phase of my life was the time I spent in the lush green sprawling campus of Sir MVIT during my MCA program here. When I reflect on my three years in college, I see a better version of myself being transformed here. College focus on a multi-dimensional development model through its countless events queued up throughout the year, be it cultural events, sports activities, or the placement mock tests.

“Creativity does not come in confinement”. This is followed in its true sense here as you are always welcome to put forth any ideas. Faculties in the department were truly like a family and through different engagement programs workshops, seminars, project work, etc. they sowed the seeds of which we are able to bear fruits now. In the industry there is a rat-race and these programs help us prepare in advance to tackle the challenges ahead.

I strongly recommend the college and program for its unmatched engagement packages.

Mr. Jainendra Tripathi ( 2006-2009 MCA) Associate Vice President- JPMorgan & Chase, Bangalore

The MCA department at MVIT helped me develop my skills, personality, and prepared me for the IT industry by providing me with a strong foundation in programming. The lab was always equipped with the latest technologies and we had plenty of opportunity and encouragement to practice skills right after the classes. But it wasn’t just the raw theoretical but also practical knowledge that helps me today. It is the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and attack problems methodically. I thank my professors for teaching me that.

MVIT has a spacious sports complex, catering most of the outdoor sports, indoor games, and well equipped Gymnasium.

The faculty has domain expertise in a variety of fields and they were always willing to answer questions and give advice. They were excellent mentors when I was doing my final year project and publishing technical papers they guided me in every phase. I also learned a lot from my peers and my seniors. Being around so many intelligent and motivated people inspired me to think very big about what I wanted to do in my own life. Years after post-graduation, I still look back with fond memories of my postgraduate days and strongly recommend it to any prospective students considering a career in programming or research.

Mr. Henry Sailash Simon ( 2007-2010 MCA), Principal Engineer at Harman International, Samsung Company, Bangalore
Srihari Raman

Sir MVIT has always been one of the top institutes in the country. The moment you step into the huge green campus, you get the feeling that you are in for something special. 4 years at this institute were some of the best times of my life. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The kind of opportunities we got during placements were on par with any top institute in India. The amenities available in the form of labs, equipment, library, sports facilities are all top-notch and help in providing a holistic development of the individual. Overall, I am proud to say I am an MVITian and would definitely recommend future engineers to come to the campus and see first hand.

—  Mr. Srihari Raman Brand Consultant, Ex- Brand Manager, Aashirvaad

I came from a tiny town literally with little or no exposure to a city like Bengaluru for the first time in 2008. The transition to this new life was huge and it was important for it to be smooth to progress in my career. I believe it was my good fortune to have landed in Sir MVIT. It couldn’t have been as smooth anywhere else.
Right from the first year of engineering, faculty, Seniors have been very helpful. I got opportunities to hone my skills and develop my personality by being part of college clubs like LEO, e-Cell, GAP, I-Siri, etc. These clubs helped me remove stage fright and build confidence.

My aptitudes were recognized and I received ample opportunities to present papers, represent the college in fests across the state. All these have shaped me into an all-round personality and have definitely helped in my Civil Services Preparation. I can say with confidence that the four years spent in Sir MVIT have played the biggest role in what I am today.

—  Mr.Sai Prasad, Assistant Commisioner, Finance Dept., Govt. of Karnataka.

“The four years of Engineering life in MVIT has truly been a great adventure. They are not just memories that we take from this college, in fact it’s much more than that. The bonds between friends and the teachers will always occupy a close place in our hearts. From being strangers on the 1st day of college to becoming close friends was possible due to the opportunities provided to us. The learning exposure here has contributed s significantly in our development not just in the academic excellence but also as a human being. The teachers here are quite knowledgeable and will always be there to help you in any obstacle in life.

The sports and canteen facilities are excellent and has never failed to bring everyone together.

There are many cultural and sports events that allow you showcase your talents giving you a versatile environment . In addition, it provides a peaceful atmosphere to learn with the greenery of the trees with the freshness in the air .”

– Ankit Pattnaik, B. E Civil (2013-17)

It is a great privilege for me to be an alumnus of Sir. M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. I am truly humbled with the alma mater, which helped me to continue onto post-graduation and doctoral studies with ease. I began my B.E. course unaware of what I wanted to pursue next. I really thank all the Professors of the Department of Civil Engineering for helping me to achieve excellence in engineering education, which allowed me to identify and pursue my interest in research, to learn something new, to hone my problem-solving skills and to challenge myself in new ways.

Furthermore, with an amazing and excellent Training & Placement Cell in place, I had 3 job offers during my final year. I really appreciate the placement team for enabling the students to establish as world-class professionals.

—  Vijay V. Nair (2008 – 2012 B.E. Civil Engineering Batch) Ph.D. Research Scholar at IIT Madras

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