Alumni Association

Alumni Association of SIR MVIT was founded in 1998. The objective of the association is to encourage the alumni, the global ambassadors,  to take an abiding interest in the growth of its alma mater. Alumni Association of SIR  MVIT cultivates a close bond between alumni and the Institute by intimating them the activities and developments that take place in the institute.



Dr. M.S Suresh HOD of EEE
Mr. R Nataraja Assoc. Prof. of ECE
Dr. Ravikumar H Assoc. Prof. of Civil
Ms. Pallavi R Assoc. Prof. of CSE
Mr. Kumaraswamy Asst. Prof. of MECH
Mr. Phaninder Ravi Asst. Prof. of ECE
Ms. Tania Thomas Asst. Prof. of MBA