Ishwar Chandra

Ishwar Chandra

Ishwar Chandra

Assistant Professor

B.E,M.Tech, PGDFSQM, (Ph.D)

Department of Biotechnology Engineering

Research Area

  • Bioprocess & Bioremediation Engineering
  • Biostatistics (SPSS, EpiInfo. Minitab)
  • Food Technology



Research Publication

Journal Name

Journal  Type Volume Number Issue Number ISSN

Paper Title

Everyman’s Science National L 4, Oct 15-Nov 15, p-257 0531-495X Melanoidin: A Major Pollutant From Distillery Effluent.
International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering, and Technology International 7 1, January 2018, 93-104 Online: 2319-8753, Print: 2347-6710 Decolourisation of Distillery Spent Wash on the Background of Various Bio-remediation Strategies: A Review.


International Journal of ChemTech Research International 11 02, 26 Fab, 2018, p35-39 Online: 2455-9555, Print: 0974-4290 Comparative study of natural decolorizing agents for degradation of melanoidin present in biomethanated molasses spent wash.


Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, International 5 6, June 2018 2349-5162 Production of Value Added Products Like Mushrooms from Distillery Yeast Sludge as Nutrient Source.


International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing Science (Conference, Special issue) International 8 2, [Special Issue, 2018],2nd March 2018 2249- 3115 Production Of Value Added Products From Distillery Yeast Sludge.