Ishwar Chandra


Ishwar Chandra

Assistant Professor

BE (Biotechnology), M.Tech (Biotechnology,
PGD Food Safety and Quality Management,
(Ph.D. Distillery waste water treatment)

Department of Biotechnology Engineering



Contact Faculty

Teaching Experience


Industry/Research Experience

1 Year of PG research at AIB, Amity University

VTU Assignments/ Professional Experience

Faculty of Biostatistics and research methodology at KCDS, Bangalore


Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Research Interest

  • Fermentation Technology
  • Waste water treatment
  • Biostatistics
  • Food Process technology

Research Topics

Distillery Spent Wash Treatment


  • Biostatistics
  • Bioreactor design concepts

Funded Projects

  • Ongoing projects- NIL
  • Past Funding
  1. Guided the SPP-UG-“Decolourization of Distillery effluent Using packed bed of Modified Soil”.
  2. Guided the SPP-UG-“Green synthesis of copper nanoparticles using kale and lettuce leaf extracts to study in-vitro cell cyto-toxicity effects on mcf-7 and hela human cancer cell lines”
  3. Guided the SPP-“Utilization of groundnut shells as a substrate for cultivation of different edible mushroom”.
  4. Guided the SPP-UG- “Decolourization Of Distillery Effluent Using Modified Soil”.
  5. Guided the SPP-PG-Degradation of phenol from coke oven effluent of Jindal steel plant of Bellary district”.

Research Publications

  • Waste to energy: microbial fuel cell a novel approach to generate bio-electricity, I Chandra, Int J adv Biotechnol Bioinf 1, 33-40, 2012.
  • Bioethanol production by Zymomonas mobilis MTCC No. 2427 using orange peels as low cost substrates, I Chandra, S Abha, KK Bandyopadhyay, S Shruti, P Priya, J Prachi, Int J ChemTech Res 5 (6), 2787-92,2013.
  • Mixture Design Using Low-Cost Adsorbent Materials for Decolourisation of Biomethanated Distillery Spent Wash in Continuous Packed Bed Column, I Chandra, A Upadhyay, N Ramesh, Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability, 607-621,2020.
  • Decolourisation of Distillery Spent Wash on the Background of Various Bio-remediation Strategies: A Review SS Ishwar Chandra, K.K Bandyopadhyay, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 7, Issue 1, January 2018
  • Melanoidin: a major pollutant from distillery effluent, I Chandra, AGS Pruthvi, Everyman’s Science, Vol. L No. 4, Oct 15-Nov15, p-257.
  • Isolation and screening of biosurfactant producing bacteria from polluted lake, P Jain, A Saxena, I Chandra, B Borah, J Jemila, International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Published online on August 12 2014.

No. Of Ph.Ds/ Eng. Projects Guided/ Guiding

  • Nil

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Life member of The Indian Science Congress Association(ISCA)

Honours & Achievements

  • Paper Presentation: 7
  • Poster Presentation: 3
  • Publications: International: 5, National: 1
  • Fdp: 6, Workshops:3, Conferences: 7
  • Short Term Course-4

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