Dr. Jagadeesh Kumar D.


Dr. Jagadeesh Kumar D.

Associate Professor

M.Sc.(Biochemistry), B.Ed., PGDIB., Ph.D.(Neuroinformatics)

Department of Biotechnology Engineering



Contact Faculty

Teaching Experience


Research Experience

17  Yrs.

Industry Experience


VTU Assignments/ Professional Experience

  • Member of Board of Examination Bio-Technology, Visvesvaraya Technological University -2021-2022
  • Member of Board of studies BOS Bioinformatics for B.Sc. Bioinformatics Reva University- 2021-2022
  • Member of Board of Examiners of the B.E Biotechnology course at M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology under the VTU for the year 2012-2022.
  • Reviewer for the journal of Journal of Bimolecular Structure & Dynamics and Asian Journal of Medicine and Health.
  • Faculty Coordinator & Member for CBDG (Part of RSG INDIA & International Society for Computational Biology, ISCB-leading professional society for new era of Computational Biology)


Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Neuroinformatics

Research Interest

  • Computational Structural Bioinformatics/ Neuroinformatics
  • Proteomics of Neurological Disorders/ Human body fluids
  • Polypharmacology approaches for Drug re-positioning analysis.
  • Structural Systems biology/Network medicine based approach to human disease
  • Clinical and Biomedical informatics/Food informatics
  • Pathogen Bioinformatics-characterizing novel molecular drug targets.

Research Topics

To understand molecular mechanisms that give rise to disease, particularly interested in disease pathways implicated in Alzheimer’s disease, Type 2Diabetes and Cancer in health and disease states to identify therapeutic targets. Proteomics of Human body fluids and other Neurodegenerative disorders.

To understand the molecular basis of human diseases and to identify good drug-targets in the pathogenesis and Drug repurposing, Molecular interaction network analysis and pathway discovery.   Molecular modelling and computer-aided drug design, Target and Hit identification, Drug-Receptor interactions, Molecular docking, Pharmacophore mapping, Virtual Screening.


  • Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Clinical Biochemistry
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • Forensic Science
  • Biological Data Management
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Protein Engg. & Drug Design
  • Food, Nutrition and Human Health
  • Bioinformatics lab and Microbiology Lab

Funded Projects

On-going projects

  • Computational Strategies to investigate the therapeutic potentials of Snake Venom Toxins for specific neuro-degenerative disorders. ICMR funded project – Rs. 16.54 Lakhs; Period 2019-2021. (Co-investigator)

Past Funding

  • That Influence the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) was approved and funded for 43rd Series of Student Project Programme: 2019-20 by Karnataka state council for science and Technology, IIsc, Bangalore –12
  • KSCST project Proposal entitled “Evaluation of pesticide induced Neurotoxicity/ carcinogenicity in common Fruits/vegetables, towards suggesting an Alternative herbal formulation as a Potential bio-Pesticide” was approved and funded for 40th Series of student projects programme: 2016 – 2017 by Karnataka state council for science and technology, IISc, Bangalore –12
  • KSCST project proposal entitled “Studies on formulation development and characterization of spray dried microspheres of natural polymers for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus” was approved and funded for 39th  Series of student projects programme : 2015-2016by Karnataka state council for science and technology, Isc, Bangalore –12
  • KSCST project proposal entitled “Bioaccumulation assessment of heavy metal contamination in selected green leafy vegetables, cereals, pulses and fruits grown on waste water irrigated soil and their associated health risks” was approved and funded for 38th Series of student projects programme : 2014-2015by Karnataka state council for science and technology, IIsc, Bangalore –12
  • “Structural Investigation of Amyloid peptide fragments Implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease” (DST Funded Project Rs.16.33 Lakhs – Period: 2012-2015; Collaborative Project with NMRC, IISc, Bangalore) actively associated in Co- computational biology work in the project.

Research Publications

  • In silico evaluation of naturally isolated triterpene glycosides (TG) from Gymnema sylvestre towards diabetic treatment, Rashmi, S., Kumar D, J., Nagendra, H., Manonmani,H., Heliyon, 2021 ,e08407,ISSN 2405-8440, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.heliyon.2021.e08407.
  • Receptor based virtual screening of potential novel inhibitors of tigar [TP53 (tumour protein 53)-induced glycolysis and apoptosis regulator, Jagadeesha Poyya, Jagadeesha Kumar, H.G. Nagendra, B. Dinesh, S.J. Aditya Rao, Chandrashekhar G. Joshi, Medical Hypotheses,Volume 156, 2021, 110683, ISSN 0306-9877
  • Discovery of anti-influenza nucleoside triphosphates targeting the catalytic site of A/PR/8/34/H1N1 polymerase. Pagadala, N.S., Bhat, R., Kumar D, J. et al. Med Chem Res (2020).
  • Spectroscopic and insilico Studies of Ab (1-16) on Copper induced conformational changes in Poly (dG-dC). Poly ( dG-dC) [Poly(GC)] DNA sequence: Implications in Alzheimer’s disease, Govindaraju M*, Jagadeesh Kumar D, Priya Narayan, K R S Sambasiva Rao, K S Rao, IP Indian Journal of Neurosciences 2020;6(3):174–182 September 2020,
  • Imaging in Diagnosis and Management of COVID 19: A short Review, K.V Prasad, Jagadeesh Kumar D, Narayan P, Govindaraju M, Nagendra H G, Imaging in diagnosis and management of COVID 19: A short review. IP Int J Med Microbiol Trop Dis 2020;6(4):193-197
  • Computational Studies to Decipher the Plausible Inhibition of Type Iii Secretion System (T3ss) ATPases Involved in Bacterial Motility and Virulence, Jagadeesh Kumar.D*, Sneha Paturi, s kiranchandrika, P Ashwathi, Priya Narayan, H G Nagendra “Research Journal of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences”, Res J Life Sci Bioinform Pharm Chem Sci, 2019 March – April RJLBPCS 5(2) Page No.1037
  • “Carotenoids as Novel Therapeutic Molecules against Neurodegenerative Disorders: Chemistry and Molecular Docking Analysis.Lakey-Beitia, J.; Kumar D., J.; Hegde, M.L.; Rao, K. Int. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2019, 20, 5553.PMID: 31703296
  • Studies on copper and Aβ (1-16) induced Conformational Changes in CAG/CTG Trinucleotide Repeats Sequence: Relevance to Neurological Disorders, Govindaraju, M, Rao Jayanth, K.S, Jagadeesh Kumar, D, Prasada Rao, U.J.S, Sambasiva Rao, K.R.S, Rao, K.S. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 277-286, 2017, PMID: 30480244
  • Anti-amyloid aggregation activity of novel carotenoids: implications for Alzheimer’s drug discovery. Lakey-Beitia J, Doens D, Jagadeesh Kumar D, Murillo E, Fernandez PL, Rao KS, Durant-Archibold AA.  Clin Interv Aging. 2017 May 15; 12:815-822.PubMed PMID: 28553090;
  • In Silico Docking Analysis of Amyloid Precursor Protein Intracellular Domain AICD- Peptide with Neuronal Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Membrane Proteins and Its Relevance in Neuronal Death and AD Pathogenesis,Jagadeesh Kumar D, Mainak Mondal, Kapil Kumar Mehta, Priya Narayan, H.G. Nagendra Indian Journal of Neurosciences, September Issue Vol. 3 Issue. 3 2017
  • CD and Computational studies on Aβ(1-16) suggests determinants of ligand binding and plausible prevention of metal induced toxicity via Betaine like molecules, Priya Narayan, Jagadeesha Kumar.D, M. Govindaraju , H G Nagendra and KRK Easwaran J App Biol Biotech. 2017; Volume: 5, Issue: 3, 030-038. May-June, 2017
  • Sequence analysis and phylogenetic studies of hypoxia inducible factor-1- alpha (HIF- 1α), Jagadeesha poyya, Chandrashekhar G joshi, Jagadeesha kumar.D,G.Nagendra,Cancer Informatics Volume 16: 1–8, May 3, 2017.PMID: 28615919 PMCID: PMC5460953
  • Conformational studies of Aβ (1-12) with metals and small molecules suggest plausible disruption of aggregation. D.Jagadeesh Kumar, PriyaNarayan, M Govindaraju, K N ShashankaRao,H G Nagendra and K R K Easwaran. International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences (IJRSB), Volume 2, Issue 11, December 2014, PP 28-35, ISSN 2349-0365.
  • Computational Approaches to Characterize the Novel Biosynthetic Pathways of Antibiotic Producing Actinomycetes, Aditya, B.K.Manjunath, D. Jagadesh Kumar, and Kusum Paul, , World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2014, 1083-1089,
  • Docking Studies of Plant polyphenols with Aβ fragments suggests determinants that enable design of inhibitors towards preventing aggregation events during Alzheimer’s” Shruthila N,PriyaNarayan,D.Jagadeesh Kumar& H.G. Nagendra,   International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, 2013; 5(4): 170-174
  • “Preferential Selectivity of Inhibitors with Human Tau Protein Kinase Gsk3 Elucidates Their Potential Roles for Off-Target Alzheimer’s Therapy,”Jagadeesh Kumar.D* and H. G. Nagendra, International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2013, Article ID 809386, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/809386, PMID:24222885
  • Disordered Regions in Cancer Proteins Exhibit Potential Drug Binding Properties, Rathankar, Kuldeep D Raju, D and H G Nagendra, International Journal of Genomics and ProteomicsISSN: 0976-4887 & E-ISSN: 0976-4895, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2013: 76-83.
  • Does Aluminium bind to Histidine? An NMR investigation in Aβ12 and Aβ16 fragments” Priya Narayan, B. Krishnarjuna, VinayaVishwanathan, Jagadeesh Kumar.D, SudhirBabu, K.R.KEaswaran, K.V. Ramanathan, H. G. Nagendra .S. Raghothama,Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 2013; 82(1):48-59.(PMID: 23464626)Impact Factor: 2.396

Publications under Review/Preparation

  • Network Based Systems Biology Approaches of Alzheimer’s disease and its key neighboring pathways reveal the potential role of Kinases and phosphatases on Tau mediated pathology of AD progression, Jagadeesh Kumar.D,* Priya Narayan & H G Nagendra
  • In-Silico analysis of potential of Nigella sativa Anti-Obesity bioactive, Shamsiya Trissur Kabeer1 a, Jagadeesh kumar D, Nagendra and H.K.Manonmania K. P.
  • Interactions of Amyloid Precursor Protein Intracellular Domain (AICD) With Copper and DNA Fragment Reveal Conformational Changes That Triggers Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), D. Jagadeesh Kumar*, M. Govindaraju1, Priya Narayan2, H. G Nagendra2, KSS Rao3 K.S. KRK Easwaran and Jagannatha Rao
  • Interaction of copper (II) with (CCG) 12 repeats sequence: spectroscopic and computational modelling insights. Jagadeesh Kumar, M. Govindaraju, Priya Narayan and   Jagannatha Rao
  • “Small Molecule Activators of PP2A Suggests Controlled Tau Phosphorylation as a Novel Mode of therapy for Alzheimer’s disease” has been successfully – Journal of Computational Biology. D. Jagadeesh Kumar, Mohammed Toufiq, Priya Narayan, H.G. Nagendra
  • Study of potential drug target AICD central 12 residue peptide stretch and its interactions with metals and polyphenols: An NMR and molecular docking analysis., Dillip Senapathi, D. Jagadeesh Kumar, Priya Narayan, H.G. Nagendra, Govindaraju M, K.R.K Easwaran, K.V. Ramanathan, S. Raghothama

No. of Ph.Ds/M.sc Eng. Projects Guided/ Guiding -1            

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Life Member of National Magnetic Resonance Society (NMRS)
  • Associate Life member of Indian academy of neurosciences, [IAN] India

Honours & Achievements

  • Initiated Funding Project Concepts Profile resulting in Grants & funding projects and Submitted Project proposals as Part of Dissertation and collaboration.
  • Actively involved in Collaborative research activities with 10 Academic /research institutes- which includes  reputed National and international research institutes/ International Universities/ involved as a team member in industry-institute interactions, scientific research institutes.
  • Actively involved in coordinating Bioinformatics R & D project activities at departmental level.
  • Invited Lectures Delivered/ Outreach Activities: 17
  • Conferences/Workshops/SDP/FDP Coordinated: 47
  • Organized/Member Organizing Committee-15
  • Accepted Conference Abstracts & Posters Presentations Made at National & International Conferences/Symposiums-52
  • Conferences/Workshops Attended: 50
  • Actively involved in -Curriculum Development for B.E and M.Tech courses.
  • B.E./M.Tech Thesis Projects Guided: 40
  • Major/Short-Term Projects executed- 19
  • External university UG/PG Projects guided -15
  • In-House Training Programs/Activities Executed-8
  • Involved in Guiding and Coaching students for National level exams like GATE/CSIR/DBT/ICMR etc. and for career guidance for Ph.D. and MSc. Courses across India and abroad.
  • Contributed several Articles Communicated to News Letters & Conference Souvenir on- Indian forensic science, scope and its need, biomedical informatics: revolutionizing health care, Biotechnology and its impact on Health care etc.

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