Code of Conduct for Students

  • Students should keep the campus clean and protect the environment.
  • Students should not damage/misuse college property.
  • Students should exhibit total discipline and exemplary behave
No Smoking policy
  • SMOKING is strictly prohibited in the campus.
ID card
  • Students should wear ID card in the campus throughout the stay
  • Students are expected to wear decent and formal dresses.
  • Students should wear the prescribed uniform for Physics, Chemistry & Electrical engineering Labs.
Bus pass
  • Students should carry valid college bus pass and should produce the same whenever required.
Wearing helmet
  • Students coming by two-wheelers should compulsorily wear helmets and possess a valid driving license.
  • Students should park their vehicles in a designated parking area only.
Mobile phones
  • Use of MOBILE PHONES is strictly PROHIBITED inside the campus.
  • Violation of this rule will lead to confiscation of the mobile phone and disciplinary action will be initiated.
  • RAGGING is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the campus.
  • Any student indulging in ragging will be immediately suspended from the College; a case will be registered and handed over to Police for further action.
  1. Students are expected to wear the institute identity card always on the campus.
  2. Students are expected to behave politely and in courteous manner towards the staff.
  3. Students are strictly forbidden from consuming drugs. Smoking, consuming alcohol inside the campus is strictly prohibited. Those who indulge in such activities will attract disciplinary action such as suspension/expulsion from the institute.
  4. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. If any information is received about any student involved in any form of ragging, he/she will be called for an enquiry and suitable action will be taken such as suspension/expulsion from the institute.
  5. Indulging or supporting malpractice and misbehavior will be considered undesirable and will be viewed seriously. Suitable action will be taken as per the institution norms.
  6. During the class hours, students are forbidden from loitering along the corridors or roads. Students are required to spend their free hours in the library.
  7. Students shall strictly observe and follow the safety regulations in the laboratories and workshops.
  8. Care should be exercised in handling the property of the institute and any damage caused casually or willingly will entail disciplinary/penal action and recovery of cost.
  9. Students are prohibited from damaging any asset of the institute. Students are forbidden from writing or marking on the walls or desks. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered along with fine from the students concerned or collectively, if responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual. Besides the fine, they will also be subjected to disciplinary action.
  10. A disciplinary committee constituted by the institute will manage the students’ discipline efficiently and effectively. The committee can summon any student(s) to appear before them in relations to an enquiry into any issue related to student discipline. Also, based on the severity of the issues, parents will also be called during the enquiry.
  11. Students are required to give an undertaking at the time of joining the institute to abstain from ragging, eve-teasing, smoking, use of alcoholic drinks, drugs and indulging in any other undesirable activity.
  12. Students should strictly desist from use of rude language towards staff of the institute/hostel, assaulting or attempting to assault the staff or fellow students of the institute.
  13. Students are advised to actively participate in all the functions and meetings held in the institute. The institute will provide them an opportunity to participate in cultural and technical events as well as sports.
  14. Principal/hostel authorities have the power to frame and issue additional/amended rules and regulations for proper conduct of proceedings inside and outside the institute and/or hostel premises from time to time.
  15. The parents can meet the Local guardian/Heads of the departments/Principal on any working day to obtain information on their wards academic performance.
  16. Education is a joint responsibility. The parents and the members of the faculty have to co-operate their efforts in order to train the students on proper lines to maintain discipline and to inculcate diligence, honesty and courtesy among students. Parents are therefore requested to extend their full co-operation to the institute authorities in all matters.
  17. Students should approach their class advisers/Head of the department concerned for any requests, complaints or any requirements, not directly to the higher authorities.
  18. In all academic or disciplinary matters, decision of the authorities of the institute shall be final.

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