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SciVal is a bibliometric platform powered by the Elsevier Scopus database. SciVal is a tool for analyzing research achievements based on research articles and their citation information.

SciVal is an integrated modular platform that brings together the 4 key elements that underpin any evidence-based research tool: data, technology, metrics and visualizations.

SciVal is a set of integrated modules that enables institution to make evidence-based strategic decisions. SciVal consists of four modules:
• Overview – Get an overview of the research performance of your institution and others based on output, impact, and collaborations.
• Benchmarking – Comparing statistics from different organizations, institutions, and universities, comparing research groups and individual researchers with different metrics.
• Collaboration – Visualization of the cooperation geography and analysis of co-authored publications; search for potential cooperation in specific sectors, countries, continents.
• Trends – Analyze Research Areas to find top performing universities, authors and journals. Spot growing and declining topics in the field.

SciVal Experts is a directory of research expertise that makes it easy for you to find experts and enable collaboration within your institution. Powered by the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine, SciVal Experts scans and analyzes every publication in the Scopus database, creating Fingerprints of individual researcher’s expertise and exposing connections among authors.


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