Dr. Suma Swamy

Dr. Suma Swamy


B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D

Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

Research Area

  • Speech Processing
  • Database Management Systems
  • Data mining & Big Data
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning &Natural Language Processing
  • Algorithms

Research Publication

Sl. No. Journal  Name Journal Type (National / International) Vol. No. Issue No. ISSN No. Paper Title
1 International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) International 17 1 0975 – 8887 Survey on – Socially intelligent robots by using NLP
2 International Journal of Informative & Futuristic Research(IJIFR) International 4 10 2347-1697 Text-Line Detection, Segmentation  And Recognition In Natural Scene
3 IEEE Xplore Digital Library International DOI: 978-1-5090-4697-3/16/$31.00 ©2016 IEEE Prediction of Heart Disease at early stage using Data Mining and Big Data Analytics: A  Survey
   4 International Journal of Research in Science & Engineering (IJRISE)| International 3 1 P-ISSN 2394-8280, E-ISSN 2394 – 8299 A Framework to improve crop yield in smart agriculture using IOT
5 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering (IJARCCE) International 5 4 ISSN (Online) 2278-1021 ISSN (Print) 2319 5940 A Survey on Sentimental Analysis in Different Indian Dialects


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