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Our students are regularly participating in various sports activities organized by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum and also other organizations and have won many prizes to bring name and fame to the institution. Our Institution has provided good facilities with 30 acres of land for sports.

Director’s Message


Dr. Rajesh Y H
MA.MPEd, M.Phil, Ph.D.

The college team’s selections were conducted in the beginning of each semester preferably odd semester to provide opportunity for the vast majority of the students to exhibit their talents and sports skill. Normally friendly fixtures will be organized in the college premises and outside the college for selecting talented students under the banner of Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum.

Our students have represented Visvesvaraya Technological University in Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Cricket, Cross Country, Hockey, Basket Ball, Kho-Kho & Ball Badminton. The College players have got Track Suits, Blazers & cash award of Rs. 2,000/- who represented twice VTU in sports & games.

In general, we are very happy that our students have placed very high in the field of sports activities in the university, State and as well at National level. With this we are proud to say that our college stands One in Ten in sports activities under VTU for this year ranking.

The Management is very kind enough to felicitate the outstanding sports person of the college on the College Day by giving cash of Rs. 2,500/- and a Track Suit to each player who represent VTU, Balgaum. And for in individual prize winner 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place each player will be awarded Cash Price of Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,500/- & Rs. 2000/- for GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE Medalists with Track Suit worth Rs. 750/-.

The College Cricket field is well maintained and utilized by the Karnataka State Cricket Association for their league tournament and also other private clubs.With the co-operation of the Management and guidance of the Principal and also the staff, the Physical Education Department is able to organize sports activities.


Outdoor Sports Facilities:

  1. Cricket Field (75 Yards)
  2. Foot Ball Field (100 yards x 75 yards)
  3. Athletic Track (400 Meter. 8 Lanes Track) (179 x 120 metre)
  4. Basket Ball Court (Cement) (32.80 meter length 19.10 metre width) (28 x 15 metre)
  5. Tennis Court (Clay) (41.80 meter length 20 metre width) (23.80 x 11 metre)
  6. Badminton Courts – 2 Nos. (29 meter length 38 meter width)
  7. Volley Ball Courts – 2 Nos. (28 meter length 36 meter width) (9 x 18 metre)
  8. Kho-Kho Court -1 No (30 meter length 18 meter width) (29 x 16 metre)
  9. Kabaddi court -1 No (28 meter length 13 meter width) (13 x 10 metre)

Indoor Sports Facilities:

  1. Badminton Courts – 2 Nos. (One cement and one wooden court) (36.30 metre length 10.20 meter width) (13 x 6.10 meter)
  2. Tennis Table – 4 Nos. (25 meter length 18 meter width)
  3. Chess & Carom Room.  (13.50 meter length 6 meter width)

Gymnasium Facility: (27.50 metre length 6 metre width)

  1. 12 Station Multi Gym.
  2. Treadmill 2 Nos.
  3. Cycle. 3 Nos.
  4. Bike 1 No.
  5. Dumbbell & Plate Set.
  6. Dumbbell & Plate Set.
  7. Bench Press 2 Nos.

Ladies Hostel Sports Facilities:

  1. Badminton Courts – 2 Nos. (19.30 meter length 15.30 meter width) (13 x 6.10 meter)
  2. Table Tennis Table – 3 Nos. (20 meter length 10 meter width)
  3. Chess & Carom Room.  (15 feet length 11 feet width)

Sports Achievements 2022-2023

Chess women

Chess women team Runners in VTU BENGALURU Division tournament held at Vemana IT, Bengaluru on 1st and 2nd December 2022 and Qualified Stata level Chess competition to be held at NMAMIT, NITTE on 5th and 6th


Kabaddi Women’s Team, Runners up for VTU Bengaluru Division tournament held at APSCE, Bengaluru, and Qualified Stata level Kabaddi women tournament 2022.


Hockey Men team Runners in VTU BENGALURU Division tournament held at SJCIT, Chikkaballapur on 10th November 2022 and Qualified Stata level Hockey Men tournament to be held at BITM, Bellari on 6th and 7th December 2022 

Sports Achievements 2019-20


VTU Inter Collegiate Competitions
Winners of Badminton Championship (For Women) held at NMIT Bengaluru on 16th & 17th Aug 2019.


VTU Inter Collegiate Competitions
RUNNERS UP of Wrestling & Judo Championship, held at SJCIT Chikkaballapur from 5th to 7th September, 2019.


VTU Inter Collegiate Competitions
The MVIT Team got 3rd Place in Soft Ball (Men) Competition, held at Acharya I T, Bengaluru on 9th & 10th September 2019.


Winners of  Basket Ball Tournament,  held at CMRIT SPARDHA  from  1st  to 4th  October  2019.


Team of Champions of  VTU Inter Collegiate Competitions, held at Global I T on 17th & 18th October 2019.


Sir MVIT received “ VTU  Institutional Cash Award of  1 Lakh” for the academic year 2018-19.


Sir MVIT received “ VTU  Institutional Cash Award of  1 Lakh” for the academic year 2018-19.

All India Inter /South Zone University Participated Players 2019-20.


Name Game Sem/Branch Organisation Date

Ravikumar   S K

8th  ME

Tug of War (M)

Kalinga Institute of Science, Bhubaneswar.



06 to 09 Oct 2019

Muhammed Affed

8th  ME

Tug of War (M)

Shalini Bansal

8th  ME

Hand Ball (W)

University of Calicut.


10 to 14 Oct 2019

Rohan Poonaccha

8th  ME

Hockey (M)

Bengaluru Central University.




10 to 15 Oct 2019

Rajeshwari Gupta

4th TC

Foot Ball (W)

Christ University,



29th Oct   to 1st Nov 2019


8th CS

Wrestling (W)

Ch. Bansi Lal University



05 to 07 Nov


Priyanka S

8th  ME

Wrestling  (W)

Jasmine Karam

4th  CS

Wrestling (W)

Puneeth S

2nd  ME

Net Ball (M)

Calicut University


06 to 09 Mar 2020

Taekwondo (M&W) Team

VTU INTER-COLLEGIATE TOURNMENT – VKIT, BENGALURU ( 11& 12 Sept’2018) Women – Winner of 3-Gold, 2 - silver & 3 -Bronze, Total – 8 Medals Men - Winner of 1 Bronze Medal

Basket Ball Team


Wrestling & Judo (M&W) Team


India Book of Records (13’october’2018)

Mr. Kalyan Sugangar VI Sem. Cse Has Entered The India Book Of Records For Most Alternate Leg Rope Skipping In 1 Minute

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