Rahul – Appscrip & Alumnus of Sir MVIT, Bangalore

Appscrip is the lovechild of my passion for technology, the constant urge to create mobility solutions, and being a tech solution provider for leading startups.

I was working full-time as an engineer, earning 333 USD per month. The three of us (me and my two friends) started the company in 2011.

I come from a business family, therefore it influenced my endeavors. In fact, my father guided me initially on the financial aspects of the business. And since we were a completely bootstrapped start-up, it helped us stay lean and focused. I didn’t believe my start-up needed to go for funding and it always made sense to try and remain bootstrapped as much as possible. So I saved more than expected.

There was a time when I used to bid and get projects from Freelancer.com for as low as

$200. That’s how we acquired my first 10-100 clients. I didn’t find the need to allocate more resources other than freelance portals as I wanted to know how to do it right.

I used to bid for online projects because I was doing it well and I was doing it fast. My unending urge to grow got us listed on the top 1000 freelancers in the world in 2011 and 2012. Later I had my old clients referring me back.

Up until today, Appscrip has delivered over 350+ apps/year globally with an in-house team of 150+ developers, at an average of 45 days/app that otherwise would take almost 6-9 months to develop. My company has encouraged women entrepreneurs by helping them launch successful businesses across the globe.

We have received several awards and recognitions from Deloitte, Clutch, Good firms and bagged contracts from big names like ForeTees LLC, Byjus, Reliance JIO, Deutsche Bank, Tata Steel, Cairn, Coke, Harvard Medical, etc. With Appscrip generating an average monthly revenue of $2,50,000, we are more than hopeful that our company will see a brighter future ahead as a global technology provider.

We are doing quite well as Appscrip was ranked among the top Economic Times India’s fastest-growing 2020 Champions and the Financial Time’s ranking of 500 high-growth companies from the Asia-Pacific region.

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