Library and Information Centre is located in an independent spacious block with an area of            1700 Sq.m. The library has about 64,897 volumes of books and 1237 bound volumes of periodicals. The centre subscribes to E – Journals through VTU Consortium, IEL online, Springer, EBSCO, ASCE, ELSEVIER’s SCIENCE DIRECT, Taylor & Frances, PROQUEST Technology, PROQUEST Management and K-NIMBUS.

DELNET : The institute is a member of DELNET (Developing Library Network) is a major Resource Sharing Library Network in “South Asia”. It networks more than 900 libraries in India and Six other Countries and offers access to about fifty lakh records of Books, Journals, Articles, and Other Documents. DELNET also provides “Inter Library Loan” for ‘Books’ and Document Delivery Services for Journal articles to the Members-Libraries within and outside India.  User can forward their request regarding ‘books on Inter Library Loan’ or the ‘photocopy of an article’ through online services. The college also has institutional membership with libraries of

  • Indian Institute of Science –IISc
  • Central Manufacturing Technology Institute –CMTI
  • National Aerospace Laboratory –NAL
  • British Library

The library works between 8-45 a.m. and 9-00 p.m. The Library is fully computerized for all transactions. LIBSOFT an integrated library system application software package has been implemented for the purpose. In addition, through the library web site, links have been provided to some of the Science, Engineering & Technology web sites. Books for competitive examinations like GATE, GMAT, GRE etc., are available.

Membership: The membership is open to all students and staff of the institute. Students can borrow four books at a time, four books from the Circulation Section. To encourage and motivate students, additional library cards are issued as incentive to merit students –two additional cards for students who secure first class with distinction and one card for students who secure first class).

Classification and Catalogue: The library books are classified and catalogued according to the Dewey decimal classification [DDC] systems. All the books may not be available on the shelf as many of them might have been borrowed by other members. To see a complete list of books on a particular subject one should look at the library catalogue. Library catalogue can also be used for checking particular titles by author’s name, key-word or title. Web enabled Online Public Access Catalogue [Web OPAC] can be accessed from a terminal in the library. Library catalogue can also be searched using a common web browser from any terminal located on the Campus or members can access library catalogue through their mobile. Instructions are displayed on the system, so that users can easily locate a particular book.

SC & ST Book Bank: A special Book Bank consisting of 2295 copies of text books is available for students belonging to socially weaker sections. Students can borrow two books from the Book Bank and keep them for the whole semester.

Reprographic Section: A separate reprographic section exists in the library with photocopying, lamination and spiral binding facilities. Students can avail photo copying facilities on nominal payment.

Audio Visual Facility: The library has an Audio – Visual section with a TV, VCR, Public address system and Projector. With a collection of 298 educational video cassettes relating to various courses, students are encouraged to watch video programs during leisure hours. Digital Library: Around 1955 CD ROM’s are available in the

Digital Library: Student can access NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) is a joint initiative of the IITs and IISc. Through this students can view lecture video notes.

Reservation: If a book required is not available for issue, members can reserve it by making an entry in library software (LIBSOFT). The availability status will be informed to the members.

Reference Library: This section has about 7241 volumes. The reference library is open to student and staff during the working hours of the library. The library is kept open till 9.00 pm.

Edusat Programme: 2 Way interactive facility is available

E-Vidya: The technological advancements in Information Communication Technology –ICT have created new opportunity to effectively store and transmit the digital video networks. The new ICT technology enables video to be converted into MPEG 4 format and new searching and indexing of digital video contents enables efficient usage of videos. In the context of e-learning, the media streaming solutions offers an excellent technology where, digital videos of complete courses are processed and stored in MP4 format in a high speed streaming server which is managed by a content management software and renders streaming of videos to the users. In order to efficiently provide access to the users and manage users demand a fool proof video content management system is essential. This software helps to choose the video specific courses and renders them on a real player.

Tidal DATA: Tidal data Solutions Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in USA has R & D offices across India. TPED – TidalData Grant Programme for Education Development is an Intel Corporation Sponsored grant under Intel Business Exchange Programme. The aim of this grant is to provide the institution with necessary infrastructure needed to manage and support Digital Library of engineering colleges. Through Tidal data server we can access MIT, Stanford university & California state university and IIT Professors / Lecturer notes and NPTL materials. Through ICT we can access this database in our campus.

E-Resources :

IEEE Xplore Digital Library IEEE Xplore Digital Library:

The IEEE Xplore® digital library provides access to IEEE journals, transactions and letters.
Content: IEEE- All Society Periodicals ePackage (ASPP) 275 e-Journals, 1000 eBooks, 6514 Conference proceedings, 3043 Technical Standards etc. (2015) (Back file Access – since 1872)
Subjects: CS, EE, EC, Telecom




IEEE Xplore Tutorial

springer Springer:
Springer is a global publishing company that publishes books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science, technical and medical (STM) publishing.
Content: (1400 e-Journals) ( 2015 ) (Back file Access – since 1997),
(16000 Ebook ) on Engg. field (©2005 to 2014)Subjects: All Branches


Springer Tutorial



ASCE ASCE- (American Society of Civil Engineers):

The ASCE is recognized globally for their significant contribution and dedication to the advancement of science and education in the civil engineering profession.
Content: ASCE e-Journals Package (35 e-Journals) over 300 titles (2015 ) (Back file Access – since 1983 )

Subject: Civil Engineering



ASCE Research Library Basics



Science Direct is the web based interface to the full-text database of Elsevier Science journals, one of the world’s largest providers of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature. The Science Direct offers a rich electronic environment for research journals, bibliographic databases and reference works. The database offers more than 2,500 scientific, technical and medical peer-reviewed journals, over 75 million abstracts, over 9.65 million full-text scientific journal articles, connect with over 3,75,000 life sciences researchers and 2.75 million articles from 1994, an expanding suite of bibliographic databases and linking to another one million full-text articles via CrossRef to other publishers’ platforms.

Subjects: Science and Technology



Taylor & Frances Taylor & Frances:

T&F Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities, and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, eBooks, reference works, and databases, our content spans all areas of the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science, technology, and medicine.
Content: 240 Journals
Subjects: All Engg Braches




knimbus Knimbus:Knimbus stands for Knowledge Cloud and is a dedicated knowledge discovery and collaborative space for researchers and scholars.
Content: 13000 open access journals and e books 1000
Subjects: All Branches


 PROQUEST Technnology PROQUEST Technnology

The collection contains engineering related full-text articles, granular access to millions of figures and tables within articles, and the entire range of bibliographic records from the Engineering Research Database. Engineering Research Database contains a comprehensive index to world literature on technological and engineering innovations going back to 1966.

Subject: Engineering and Technology




PROQUEST Management PROQUEST Management
This database is one of the most comprehensive business databases on the market. It includes in-depth coverage for thousands of publications, most of which are available in full text and the latest business and financial information for researchers at all levels.Subjects: Management