M S Divya Rani


M S Divya Rani

Assistant Professor

B.E (E&C), M.Tech (Electronics), (Ph. D.)

Department of Telecommunication Engineering

Research Area

  • Wireless Communication Systems & Information theory and coding

Research Publication

Conference Name

Conference Type



Paper Title

ICCSP 2015     IEEE 978-1-4799-8081-9 10.1109/ICCSP.2015.7322553 2D Geometrical Based Channel Model Including Rain Fading Effect
IC-SSS    IEEE 978-1-4673-9328-7 10.1109/SMARTSENS.2015.7873622 Joint Angle and Time of Arrival Statistics of Rain Fading Effect for Second Bounce Cellular System”
 Recent Trends In Electronics Information Communication Technology 2016


   IEEE 978-1-5090-0775-2 10.1109/RTEICT.2016.7808190 Time dispersion parameters for single bounce 2D geometrical channel including rain fading effect
WCON 2016   IEEE 978-1-4673-9277-8 10.1109/WOCN.2015.8064495 Angle and Time of arrival statistics of rain fading effect for cellular system
ERCICA 2016 Springer Nature/IEEE 978-981-10-4740-4 10.1007/978-981-10-4741-1_24 Time dispersion parameters for double bounce geometrical channel including rain fading effecT


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