The Department is looked upon as a centre of excellence in the Institute. The department offers a stimulating environment for its students to execute their project work, to identify and seek solutions to the problems of industries. A student graduating from the department will have the ability to build, motivate, lead project teams effectively, competent to solve complex technical problems and organizational issues. The department has qualified, experienced and committed teaching and non-teaching faculty.


To be a pioneer in imparting quality technical education of high standards to produce skilled manpower with trained intelligence and emotional balance


To nurture an integrated growth of talented youngsters and enrich their knowledge in modern branches of electrical sciences and develop them into competent technocrats and disciplined humans beneficial to global society.


  1. Graduates of the program will have a successful career with sound base in domain specific engineering skills.
  2. Graduates of the program will be capable of succeeding in diverse engineering fields providing innovative solutions with ethical and social responsibility.
  3. Graduates of the program will continue to pursue professional development and engage in life-long learning.


  1. Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and an engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.
  2. Problem analysis: Identify, formulate, review research literature, and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences, and engineering sciences.
  1. Design/development of solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.
  1. Conduct investigations of complex problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.
  1. Modern tool usage: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.
  1. The engineer and society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.
  1. Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.
  1. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.
  1. Individual and team work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.
  1. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  2. Project management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.
  1. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


  1. Comprehend the breadth and depth of electrical and electronics engineering and apply their knowledge in the fields of power system, power electronics and drives.
  2. Enhance their career by adapting contemporary tools and techniques to augment electrical and electronic systems.

Students Intake: 120


Sl. No.
Name Qualification Designation
Dr. H L Suresh M.Tech., Ph.D, MIE Professor


Mr. M S Suresh M.Tech (Power Systems) Asso.Professor
Mr. C V Mohan M.E. (Power Systems) Asso.Professor
Mrs. D Beula M.E. (Power Systems) Asso.Professor
Mrs. Subha R M.Tech (Electrical Drives & Control) Asso.Professor
Mr. Sivapriyan R M.Tech (Power Electronics) Asso.Professor
Mrs. Nanda M Shivamoggi M.Tech. (Power and energy systems) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Sumalatha P M.Tech (Power Systems) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Rekha Radhakrishnan M.S.E (Electronic Materials and Devices – Digital VLSI) Asst.Professor
Mrs Bindiya Tyagi M.Sc Engg. (DSP Applications in High Voltage) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Nayana B R M.Tech (Signal Processing) Asst.Professor
Mr. Kumaraswamy R M.Tech (Computer Application in Industrial Drives) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Anchal Chhabra M.Tech (Electrical Engineering) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Janki B. Borad M.Tech (Power Systems) Asst.Professor
Mrs.Ragasudha C P M.Tech (Computer Application in Industrial Drives) Asst.Professor
Mr. K.V.M  Manohar Varma M.Tech (Power Systems) Asst.Professor
Mr.Kiran Kumar M.K. M.Tech (Electronics Engineering) Asst.Professor
Mrs.Vidyashree N.A M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor
Mr.Nithin kumar reddy K N M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor
Mrs.Sreedevi K M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor
Mrs.Reshma T.M M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Thanuja M  M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor
Mr. Keshavaraju C M.Tech(VLSI & E2mbedded systems) Asst.Professor
Mrs. Sushma S M  M.Tech(Power electronics) Asst.Professor

Areas of specialization :

High Voltage Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Control Systems and Industrial Drives


Non-Teaching Staff


Sl. No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Mr. Krishnamurthy U Rao B.E Instructor
2 Mr.Parandhama S H Diploma Technician
3 Mr. D S Suresh Diploma Technician
4 Mr.Mahadeva prasad K B I.T.I Technician
5 Mrs. Pramila B M B.Sc Clerk
6 Mr. Chinnabba Raju S S.S.L.C Lab attender


  • Electronics Lab.
  • Microcontroller Lab.
  • Power Electronics Lab.
  • C Machines & Synchronous Machines Lab.
  • Circuits Simulation & Measurements Lab.
  • Transformers & Induction Machines Lab.
  • Control Systems Lab.
  • Digital signal processing Lab.
  • Relay & High Voltage Lab.
  • Power Systems Simulation Lab.
  • Project Lab.


The Department has been recognized as an R & D Centre by the Visvesvaraya Technological University. Faculty from other Institutions/Industries can register for M.Sc.(Engg.) and Ph.D at this centre. Under the guidance of Dr. M.S. Indira, Research Guide, SMVIT Research Centre for Electrical & Electronics the following staff are pursuing their PhD degrees.

Faculty pursuing Ph.D

Name of the Research Scholar Research Topic/Title Discipline Name of the Guide Name of the University
Mr. M.S. Suresh AI Application to Power Systems Power Systems Dr. M.S. Indira VTU,Belagam
Mr. C V Mohan Reliability evaluation for Electrical distribution system Power Systems Dr. H B Phaniraju



Mrs. D. Beula Cost effective, energy efficient High Voltage Low Current Power Supply System Power Electronics Dr. M.S. Indira VTU,Belagam
Mrs. R. Subha AI Applications to Power Electronics Power Electronics Dr. S. Himavathi VIT,Vellore
Mr.Sivapriyan R Power Electronic converter for Renewable energy sources Power Electronics Dr.Umashankar VIT,Vellore
Mrs. Nayana B R Fault Detection in Induction Motors Signal Processing Dr. P. Geethanjali VIT,Vellore

Books Published by Faculty

Sl. No. Title Authors Year of Publication Name of Publisher
1 CAD for Electrical Engineering Dr. M. S. Indira

Mr. V. D. Shankarlal

Mrs. D. Beula

April 2013 Elsevier
2. CAD for Electrical Engineering Dr. M. S. Indira

Mr. V. D. Shankarlal

Mrs. D. Beula


II Edition


No. of papers published by faculty at national and international conferences and Journals: 26

R&D Projects

RFID and Barcode based Students Security System

Funded By: Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST)

Grant: 0.4 lakh

Guide: Dr. M S Indira


Ms. Jyothi Chodhury,

Ms. K. Varsha  and

Ms. Madhuri Kodgi


Design and Development of a Electronic Power Controller for low current and high voltage power supply units.

Funded By : VTU
Grant :  Rs. 4.4 lakhs

Guide: Dr. M S Indira

Sanctioned in 2010

Dr. M.S. Indira

Dr. N. Balaji

Mrs. D. Beula
(Ongoing project)

A Smart Safety device for women units.

Funded By : KSCST,Bengaluru
Grant :  Rs. 0.08 lakhs

Guide: Dr. M S Indira


Sandeep Shanbag

Prakash N

Sandeep B

Tarun S Nair


Wireless power transmission for charging electric vehicle Funded By : KSCST,Bengaluru
Grant :  Rs. 0.08 lakhsGuide: Mr.Harsha A R
Vineeth Mutt

Anoop S

Anirudh R Rao


  • The department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with M/s Power Research and Development Consultants (PRDC) in the field of Research Projects; develop pool of technical talent, infrastructure sharing and collaborative training programmes for students
  • The R & D Centre of the department offers project to Post Graduate students in the area of Power Electronics and Power Systems.



Sl. No. USN Name Rank Year of Passing
1. 1MV13EE067 Rituparna dey 10th 2017
2. 1MV12EE015 Aswathy P 8th 2016
3. 1MV11EE095 Sandeep shanbhag 4th 2015
4. 1MV11EE073 Pratibha surabhi 5th 2015
5 1MV08EE033 P. Hemanth 7th 2012
6 1MV08EE001 Aafreen 10th 2012
7 1MV07EE014 Gargy Ganguly 1st 2011
8 1MV07EE035 Ramya M. Anche 2nd 2011
9 1MV07EE046 Sudhanshu Agarwal 5th 2011
10 1MV05EE041 Ramya L. 3rd 2009
11 IMV03EE036 Deepak Babu P. R. 6th 2007
12 1MV01EE051 Sundaram 4th 2005
13 9GTEE1040 Soumya S. 7th 2000
14 95OC038 Sandeep Sindhu 9th 1999
15 92OC065 Shantha Rao 9th 1996
16 92OC078 Veena V. 5th 1996
  1. List of workshop attended by faculties
Year Name  of teachers who attended Title of the professional development program Date and Duration (from – to)




Ms. RekhaRadhakrishnan and Ms. P. Sumalatha “Induction Programme for the Newly Recruited Engineering College Teachers” 21 st to 23 rd May 2012.
Ms. P. Sumalatha “Training of Trainer” 6 th to 8 th September 2012
Mr. S. Satish Chandra “Entrepreneurship: Converting your

innovative research/project idea into a tangible business”

31 st October 2012
Ms. P. Sumalatha, Ms. RekhaRadhakrishnan and Mrs. Ashwini Kumari P. “Effective Class Room Management” and “Creating Learning Environment” 17 th November 2012
Mr. V D Sankarlal and D. Beula “Electrical CAD” 6 th to 8 th December 2012.
Mr. R. Sivapriyan “Electrical Installation and Testing” 11 th to 15 th February 2013





2013-14 Mr. Veerabhadra J. “Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering” 28 th and 29 th March 2014
Mr. M. S. Suresh, Accreditation of the 1 st Phase Webinar 03 rd February, 15 th to 17 th February 2014
Mr. Veerabhadra J. and Mr. Kumaraswamy R. “Power System Simulation Studies” 06 th to 10 th January 2014.
Ms. RekhaRadhakrishnan and Ms. Nayana B. R. “Signals & Systems” 2 nd to 12 th January 2014
Ms. RekhaRadhakrishnan and Ms. G. Deepthi, “Recent Development in Solar Power Generation” 25 th and 26 th July 2013
Mr. Sivapriyan R. “ NRB Dissemination” 19 th July 2013.
Ms. D. Beula and Ms. Nayana B. R. “Power System Simulation Studies” 15 th to 19 th July 2013.
Mr. S. Satish Chandra “Training for

Evaluators/Resource Persons on nature based education”

29 th

April 2013 and during 9 th to 11 th May 2013.

Ms. D. Beula “Technological

Advances in Industrial Automation”

26 th April 2013





2014-2015 Ms. Anchal Chhabra and Mr. Harish B. “ The Magic of Making Teaching Effective” 30 th and 31 st January 2015
Ms. D. Beula “ An

Introduction to outcome based education- A Paradigm Shift (OBEPS-2015)

20 th to

24 th January 2015

Mr. Sivapriyan R., Ms. Nayana B. R., Mr. Kiran Kumar B. M., and Mr. Harish B. Control Systems 12 th

to 22 nd of December 2014.

Ms. Vineetha P. Raj, Ms. Resnitha K. S. and Mr. Kumarswamy R. ‘FACTs Controllers from concept to successful commissioning’ 19 thDecemeber 2014
Mr. Kiran Kumar B. M. “Impact of TEQIP-II on

Teaching Assistantships for PG and Research Scholars”

19 th and 20 th September 2014.
Ms. Anchal Chhabra and Kiran Kumar B. M. “Electrical Safety” 5 th September 2014.
Mr. Veerabhadra. J., Mr. Kumarswamy R., MsResnitha K. S. and Mr. Harsha A. R. “Intellectual Property Rights” 28 th July 2014.
Mr. Kumarswamy R. and Mr. Harsha A. R. “ Challenges and Advances in Electrical Power Engineering” 15 th to 19 th

July 2014

Mr. Veerabhadra J. Distributed Generation and Power Quality 9 th to 13 th June 2014.
2015-2016 Ms. Beula. D “Modeling and simulation of

Power Electronic Converters using Simulink”

2 nd& 3 rd July 2015
Mr. Sivapriyan. R “Labview for research in

Power Systems & Power Electronics under TEQIP-II”

23 rd to 25 th July 2015.
Ms. BindiyaTyagi and Mr. Harsha A R “Embedded System Design using MSP430 under Tequip-II” 20 th to 24 th July 2015.
Mr. Sivapriyan R “Recent trends in Renewable

Energy Sources”

27 th to 29 th January 2016.
Mr. K V Manohar Varma, Mr. Anand S and Mr. Kiran Kumar M K Faculty Orientation Programme 23 rd to

31 st January 2016.

Mr. Kumarswamy R “Subject based pedagogy on

Signals and System”

1 st and 2 nd February 2016.
Ms. Vineetha P Raj “Subject based pedagogy on

Field Theory”

3 rd and 4 th February 2016.


2016-2017 Ms. Ragasudha C P “Trends in Industrial

Measurements and Automation”

27 th June to 1 st

July 2016

Ms. Anchal C “Advances in Power

System and Protection”

19 th to 23 rd July 2016.
Mr. Kiran Kumar M K and K V M Manohar Varma “Intellectual Property Rights” 27 th July 2016
Ms. D Beula “Short Term Course on

Pulse Width Modulation for VSI”

21 st to 25 th November


Mr. K V M Manohar Varma “Faculty

Effectiveness Enhancement Training”

25 th and 26 th November 2016
Mr. Nitin Kumar Reddy “Engineering


15 th and 16 th December 2016
Ms. Ragasudha C P and Mr. Kiran Kumar M K “Op Amps and Linear ICs” 23 rd Dec 2016
Mr. R Sivapriyan “Role of IT in power


9 th to13 th January 2017
Ms. Vidyashree N A “Smart Grid Technologies” 27 th and 28 th January 2017
Ms. Nanda M Shivamoggi “Recent

Advancements in Smart Technology for Power transmission”

9 th to 11 th March 2017
Mr. C V Mohan, Ms. Janki B and Mr. Nitin Kumar Reddy Basic Statistical Analysis using Minitab Statistical Software”


on 10 th and 11 th March 2017
Mr. C V Mohan “Challenges and Operation of

Microgrid Systems in Indian Power Scenario”

3 rd April





  1. List of Seminars conducted for the students:
Sl.No Date Name of the speaker Company/


1 20th August 2013 Mr. Avinash Tripathi “Two level voltage source inverter and PWM techniques (selective harmonic elimination)”
2 27th September 2013 Dr. Ravi Gorur Professor and Program Chair  of  Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University USA “Role of  Electrical engineer in Emerging technological trends ”
3 29th September 2013 Mr. Anirban Ghoshal,  

IISc Bangalore

“An overview of applications, requirements and control of grid connected voltage source inverter”
4 26th February 2014 Mr. Mohammad Hassan Hedayati pursuing PhD at IISc, Bangalore “Design of L, LC and LCL filter for power converters”
5 4 Apr 2014


Dr. Soumitra Das,  

Professor, IISc, B’lore

“Space Vector Based PWM Schemes for Multilevel Converters”


6 15 Sep 2014 Dr. Vyjayanthi Sr. Manager R&D Team,PRDC, Bengaluru “Flexible AC Transmission System”


7 17 Sep 2014 Mr. Chandra Shekhar Reddy Atla  

Sr. Engineer, PRDC Bengaluru

“Power System Operational Challenges on Renewable Energy Sources”


8 22 Sep 2014 Smt. Veena S  

Principal Scientist CSIR-NAL, Bengaluru

“Appreciating the Signal Processing Concept with Active Noise Control(ANC) System”





25 Sep 2014 Mr. D.P Srinivasa Murthy Asst. Executive Engineer, Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd, Bengaluru



“Transmission and Distribution of Power”


10 18 Mar 2015 Mr. D.P Srinivasa Murthy Asst. Executive Engineer, Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd, Bengaluru



“Power System Operation and Security”


11 6  May 2015 Dr. Sundaram Principal, R.L.Jalappa College  of Engineering,Bengaluru  

“Personality Development”


12 8 Oct 2015 Mr. J santhosh Joint Director, High Power Laboratories, CPRI, Bengaluru


“Recent Trends in Power Transformer Testing”
13 15 Mar 2016


Mr. D.P Srinivasa Murthy Asst. Executive Engineer, Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd, Bengaluru


“Power system operation and control”


20 Oct 2016 Mr. D.P Srinivasa Murthy Asst. Executive Engineer, Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd, Bengaluru


“Cogeneration Is Boon To Power System”


25 Oct 2016


Mr. ANIRUDH GUHA Research Scholar, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru “Inverter Fed Induction Motors”





26 Oct 2016




CEO, Nano Cell Network Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru


“Internet Of The Things”








28 Oct 2016




Managing Director,

Venjay Automation Ltd


“Recent Advances In Industrial Automation”







10 May 2017 K G Satish Yantra Microsystems, bangalore “Circuit designing”
19 11 May 2017 Nagaraj Hediyal Cheif Executive Officer, eNLiven Technologies “FPGA technology”


24 Oct 2017


Syed Shahjahan Ahmad


Ph.D. Scholar,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

“Switched Reluctance Machine Drive”
21 30 Oct 2017


Smt.sandhya R J Senior engineer, PRDC, Bangalore “Energy Management”
   22 30 Oct 2017


Mr. D.P Srinivasa Murthy Assistant Executive Engineer, KPCL


“Issues And Challenges Of Power Transformers”







  1. List of programs conducted






Year Name of the Program Date of conducting activity Duration (from – to) Number of participants
2013 Computer Aided Electrical Drawing” 22nd to 24th January 2013 3 days 60
2013 “Industrial Automation 9th and 10th February 2013 2 days 40
2013 A Guest Lecture on An overview of applications, requirements and control of grid connected voltage source inverter 29th September 2013 1 day 36
2013 Guest Lecture on “Role of  Electrical engineer in Emerging technological trends 27th September 2013 1 day 45
2013 “Control   Systems Lab Module using Matlab” 7th and 26th September 2013 2 days 50
2013 “Two level voltage source inverter and PWM techniques (selective harmonic elimination)” 20th August 2013. 1 Day 46
2014 A Guest Lecture on “Space Vector Based PWM Schemes for Multilevel Converters”  4th April 2014 1 day 35
2014 DSP and its Applications 15th and 22nd march 2014 2 days 40
2014 Design of L, LC and LCL filter for power converters 26th February 2014 1 day 30
2014 A seminar on “Appreciating the Signal Processing concept with Active Noise Control(ANC) System” 22nd September 2014. 1 day 40
2014 A seminar on “Flexible AC Transmission System” 15th September 2014 1 day 35
2014 A Seminar on “Power Sysytem Operational Challenges on Renewable Energy Sources” 17th September 2014 1 day 45
2014 A Seminar on “Transmission and Distribution of Power” 25th September 2014 1 day 40
2014 Workshop on “Analog Electronic Circuits Lab Module”  21st September 2014. 1 day 45
2014 Workshop on “Control System Modeling and Simulation using MATLAB”  20th and 21st September 2014. 2 days 50
2014 Faculty Development Programme on topic “ Power Sector Issues & Challenges” 11th and 12th October 2014 2 days 15
2015 A two day workshop on “DSP and its applications” 14th and 15th february 2015 2 days 45
2015 Workshop on “Recent Trends in Renewable energy 24th July 2015 1 day 40
2015 Workshop on “CAED” 8th August 2015 1 day 55
2015 Guest Lecture on “Recent Trends in Power Transformer Testing” 8th October 2015 1 day 50
2016 Guest Lecture on “Power system operation and control” 15th March 2016 1 day 35
2016 Faculty development programme on “ENERGY MANAGEMENT & AUDITING” 22nd and 23rd January 2016 2 day 18
2016 Guest lecture on “ Cogeneration is boon to power generation” 20th October 2016 1 day 40
2016 SDP- “ Electric Circuit module using PSPICE” 23rd October 2016 2 Days 70
2016 Guest lecture on “ Inverter fed induction motors “ 25th  October 2016 1 day 60
2016 Guest lecture on “ Internet of things” 26th October 2016 1 day 60
2016 Guest Lecture on “ Recent advances in industrial automation” 28th October 2016 1 day 50
2017 SDP- “ Op amp and linear ICs Lab Module” 25th  February to 5th March 2017 4 days 80
2017 SDP – “ Robotics with AVR” 10th and 11th March 2 days 70
2017 Guest lecture on “ Energy Management” 30th Oct 2017 1 day 60
2017 A two day workshop on “Digital System Design using IC trainer kits” 16th and 17th sept 2017 2 days 52
2017 Guest lecture on “Switched Reluctance machine drive” 24th Oct 2017 1 day 60
2017 Guest lecture on “Issues and Challenges of Power Transformer” 30th Oct 2017 1 day 60




  1. Workshop conducted
Name of the workshop Date of conduction
A three day workshop on “Computer Aided Electrical Drawing”
sponsored by VTU Belgaum & Sri KET co-sponsored bt ISTE Chapter Sir MVIT
A two day workshop on “Industrial Automation” by Profile Systems and Technologies Pvt Ltd. for IV semester students 09-02-2013
A two day workshop on “Hands on Experience with PIC Microcontroller”
by Mrs.R Subha & Mrs.Rekha Radhakrishnan,Assistant Professor,EEE,Sir MVIT for VI Semester Students
One day Workshop was conducted on “Control Systems Lab Module using MATLAB” for V semester students by Mr.M S Suresh & Mrs,Rekha Radhakrishnan 9/26/2013
A two day workshop was “DSP and its Applications” for VI Semester students by Mr. M.s.Suresh ,Mrs.Nayana b R & Mrs P Sumalatha 15-03-2014
One day workshop was conducted on”AEC MODULES USING PCB”for III Semester students by Dr.N.Balaji ,Mrs D Beula & Mrs.P Sumalatha 15-09-2014
Two day workshop was conducted on “Power sector Issues & Challenges” by B K Prakasha (Public Sector Professional )& DP Srinivasa Murthy(Public Sector Professional) 11-10-2014
A Two day workshop on” Recent Trends in Renewable energy” by Department of EEE,Sir MVIT 23-07-2015
A one day workshop was conducted on “Computer Aided Electrical Drawing for V semester students by Mr. Sivapriyan R, Mr. Kumaraswamy S & Mrs.Resnitha K S 7/8/2015
A one day workshop was “DSP and its Applications” for VI Semester students by Mr. M.s.Suresh ,Mrs.Nayana b R & Mrs P Sumalatha 19-03-2016
A two day workshop was conducted on “Analog and digital Circuit Simulation using National Instruments Tools” sponsored by ISTE chapter Sir MVIT for IV semester students  22-04-2016
Student Development Program on“ Electric Circuit module using PSPICE” 10/23/2016
Student Development Program – “ Op amp and linear ICs Lab Module” 25-02-2017
Student Development Program  – “ Robotics with AVR” 10-03-2017
A two day workshop on “Digital System Design using IC trainer kits” 16-09-2017
A two day workshop on PLC and HMI 02-11-2017
A Two day workshop on “Mobile Making” 10-11-2017